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2014 CAR review: 10 great CAR magazine features

Published: 19 December 2014 Updated: 26 January 2015

The best CAR magazine features of 2014 

We had some very special adventures in 2014. From unearthing lost secrets in Porsche’s vault of prototypes to chasing the ghost of Bluebird across Lake Eyre in Australia, we did some stuff. Here are 10 of the year’s best CAR features.

The cabrio king

1) The cabrio king (February issue)

We went to LA to meet the un-ironic Al Zadeh, wanted in 50 states for crimes against convertibles

Mrs Callum's Boys

2) Mrs Callum’s Boys (May issue)

Brothers Moray and Ian Callum are two of the world’s top car designers. We bought them a pint!

Top Marques show

3) Top Marques show (June issue)

Our man hung out with Prince Albert of Monaco at the world’s most, ahem, opulent car fest

The lost Porsches

4) The lost Porsches (August issue)

Porsche has a warehouse full of one-offs, prototypes and old secrets. Nobody gets in. But we did (watch the video here)

Chauffeur school

5) Chauffeur school (October issue)

We learned the tips of the ‘Yes, m’lady’ trade on Rolls-Royce’s White Glove training programme

Campbell's ghost

6) Campbell’s ghost (February issue)

In 1964 Donald Campbell went to Australia to attempt a Land Speed Record. In 2014 we followed 

SLS vs Viper

7) SLS vs Viper (February issue)

Two vaguely related sports car heavyweights squared up in California’s Anza Borrego Desert

F1's first turbo test

8) F1’s first turbo test (March issue)

They said it would be a technological ‘bloodbath’ due to tricky new rules. We couldn’t resist

McLaren pilgrimage

9) McLaren pilgrimage (November issue)

Bruce McLaren forged his legend in CanAm racing. We went back in the latest car to bear his name

UK's cheapest cars

10) UK’s cheapest cars (January issue)

Cheap as chips Suzuki, Kia, Dacia and Skoda locked flimsy horns on London’s night-time streets


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