DS M.I. 21 study shows the future of brand’s interiors

Published: 09 June 2023

► The future of the DS interior
► Reduction of screens, new materials
► Will inspire future DS car cockpits

DS has revealed a new concept for the interior design of its future models. The concept is called M.I. 21, and the brand says it focuses on four key areas: light, space, sound and immersion.

It also seems that it’s about elaborate design elements, futuristic materials and going a little off the wall with some of the details. The brand also says the new design concept is designed to ‘demonstrate a future without screens’ – instead projecting information onto panels. That, of course, conveniently ignores the portrait screen attached to either door. Hmm.

The rather wacky-looking demonstration of its M.I. 21 interior concept shows an enormous, near-vertical dashboard panel and one of the arguably wildest looking steering wheels we’ve ever seen. DS says that screens have ‘no real aesthetic value’ when they’re switched off, leading the design team to rethink how they approached displaying info.

A focus on space has come from the impending use of new battery-electric platforms that allow a flat floor, meaning DS’ design team can play with packaging to better effect and be ‘inspired by the world of furniture’ when it comes to storage.

Design director Thierry Metroz says ‘these models are a link between our vision and our projects in development. New architectures related to electric platforms, autonomous driving modes, the arrival of AI and, most importantly, the desire of our customers to live a different experience are central to our thinking.’

DS says developments based off this concept will make it into real production cars ‘by the end of the decade, featuring redesigned ergonomocis, HMI and additional developments in colours, materials and finishes.’

By Jake Groves

CAR's deputy news editor, gamer, serial Lego-ist, lover of hot hatches