Add to basket: Jaguar Land Rover to offer online sales with Rockar

Published: 24 August 2016

► JLR partners with retailer Rockar
► New store and website to sell cars
► Simple, fast ordering system

Want a new Jaguar, Land Rover or Range Rover, but don’t fancy the trek to the dealership? Well, you’ve only got to wait until 7 September to avoid any slog, because JLR is set to launch a new online purchasing system.

The company’s new partner, a digital retail specialist called Rockar, will run the website that will allow customers to specify and order their new cars in a matter of minutes.

Rockar will also open a new retail site for JLR, in Westfield Stratford City shopping centre. Together, both elements should help JLR get its cars in front of more potential buyers, as well as appeal to those more used to online-only transactions.

Jeremy Hicks, managing director of JLR UK, said: ‘We have a range of new models aimed at new customer groups and as such we are looking at how we can best serve our expanding customer base.

‘Our retailers are investing £1bn in the UK network, and our partnership with represents some of the incremental new, innovative solutions that we are introducing to engage and serve our customers.’

What will the retail site in Westfield offer?

It’ll let customers look at the cars themselves, as well as inspect trim and colour options. Assistants will be on site to help guide people through the various models and options, and give buyers the information they need to make a purchase – be it in store or over the web.

One of the key things that’s stressed about this system is its ‘no-pressure approach’; over 60% of customers will leave the store, reputedly, and later complete the purchase online in their own time. 

Simon Dixon, Rockar CEO, said: ‘we’ve turned new car buying on its head and created a whole new way to buy a car. Our research has revealed that customers in today’s digital age are looking for an easier way of buying cars, more aligned to how they shop for their clothes, food and gadgets.’

Can I still take a test drive, or get finance?

Yes. You’ll be able to book test drives at the site, arrange finance and even account for any potential trade-in before going through with a purchase. We’ve tried the system ourselves, and it’s very easy to use – and swift. 

That name ‘Rockar’ rings a bell.

Rightly so. Rockar has already established a website and a series of stores for Hyundai; the company was looking for a way to increase its audience of active buyers and Rockar’s solution fit the bill.

Can I service my car at the shop, or get it fixed?

There will be a dedicated service centre about a mile away from the store, so if you’re local you can simply take your car there. 

What about the regular dealerships?

They will remain, as you’d expect. The new Rockar site will supplement JLR’s existing network of 201 retailers, which are currently being overhauled. 

When does it open?

The new Jaguar Land Rover store opens on 4 October, the service centre on 5 September, and the websites for Jaguar and Land Rover ordering will go live on 7 September. You’ll be able to find them at and respectively.

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By Lewis Kingston

Formerly of this parish. Inveterate car buyer and seller; currently owner of a '68 Charger project car