McLaren teams up with BMW again on next-gen engine tech

Published: 01 February 2017

► McLaren Automotive leads new working group
► BMW, McLaren, Ricardo, others collaborate
► Government-funded: less CO2, more bhp

McLaren is to work with BMW again on future engine tech - bringing back memories of the Munich-powered V12 F1.

It’s part of a new strategic partnership, which sees Woking collaborate with a series of technology specialists to work out future powertrain options.

Crucially, ‘the project will develop new combustion technology that will deliver a higher output per capacity than currently possible.’

Yes, burning fuel remains at the heart of McLaren’s short- to medium-term plans, as outlined in its Track22 business plan.

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Who is McLaren working with?

The government-funded working group includes:

  • McLaren Automotive
  • The BMW Group
  • Ricardo
  • The University of Bath

Specialists Grainger and Worrall will supply casting technology and Lentus Composites will provide expertise in complex lightweight composites.

The project is part-funded by the Government’s Advanced Propulsion Centre, a hothouse to boost the UK’s development of low-CO2 petrol and diesel engines.

‘It also aims to further facilitate CO2 reductions while simultaneously increasing engine output,' the company said. 'The technology is destined for application in future McLaren engines.’ 

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