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New Mercedes MB.OS: E-Class interior previewed

Published: 23 February 2023 Updated: 23 February 2023

► New MB.OS system previewed
► Next-level assistance and infotainment
► Will underpin its next-generation EVs

Mercedes-Benz has announced an all-new operating system for its next-generation cars: MB.OS. The new operating system will underpin all of the brands future cars and promises to deliver advancements in infotainment and driver assistance.

The brand says that the new MB.OS software architecture will be used in its future battery-electric cars that will use the MMA (Mercedes Modular Architecture), starting from 2025. Mercedes-Benz CEO, Ola Källenius, says MB.OS ‘will create an outstanding customer experience, from driving assistance, navigation and entertainment, all the way to integrated charging. MB.OS will feature full upgradeability and constant improvements.’

On top of that, Mercedes says there is a precursor to the new MB.OS system seen in the interior of new E-Class (above) that’s launching in 2023. Some of the apps and services that will end up on future Mercedes-Benz cars launch here with this car. The new E-Class will launch with something called Superscreen – a smaller version of the brand’s Hyperscreen.

So, what’s new with MB.OS?

For a start, MB.OS will heavily rely on Google for developing its own branded navigation system. The two companies have announced a strategic partnership that allows Mercedes-Benz to build on a basic software framework from Google.

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The new navigation system is said to incorporate Google’s Cloud AI to create ways the navigation system can be personalised to each user. The first, gentle, step will be ‘place details’ incorporated into MBUX that will list things like opening times and reviews available in a software update now.

MB.OS also allows more computing power when it comes to automated driving. The new OS relies on NVIDIA’s DRIVE Orin hardware, as well as LiDAR from Luminar (which also supplies Volvo and Polestar for the EX90 and Polestar 3) to build fully programmable and updateable automated driving systems.

There has to be a financial benefit…

Oh absolutely. And that’s something Mercedes-Benz isn’t ashamed to admit. The new MB.OS system allows certain software features to be added on separately, or even subscribed to while an owner has their car. The brand has already said it will unite many infotainment features into an MB.Connect bundle that can be paid for, while MB.Charge will provide owners with more charging options and lower charge cost rates.

All of this means Mercedes-Benz would have a steady bonus revenue stream. The brand already generated €1bn in additional revenue in 2022 by selling digital services. With packages like MB.Connect and MB.Charge, the brand estimates that number could grow to a ‘low-to-mid single-digit billion euro figure by mid-decade.’

We’ll update this when we know more.

By Jake Groves

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