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How to pay for your Merc's fuel – with your fingerprint

Published: 25 September 2023 Updated: 25 September 2023

► Merc joins forces with Mastercard
► New Mercedes Me Fuel & Pay feature
► Daimler claims world-first in-car payment

Mercedes-Benz will offer customers in-car payments via Mastercard, in what’s being touted as the world-first roll-out of the technology by a car maker.

The embedded in-car payments are enabled by a biometric fingerprint sensor built into the MBUX infotainment system, which validates any purchase at a shop or petrol station before authorising payment via the credit or debit card.

At first, the scheme will be available in more than 3600 service stations in Germany, but it is expected to roll out globally in key markets where deals are in place.

How do in-car payments work?

Merc’s scheme harnesses the power of Mastercard Secure Card on File for Commerce platforms technology, which is now integrated into MBUX. It has leading edge security and encryption standards to keep payments safe and secure, according to Daimler.

It means that owners in Germany can pay for their fuel at a service station using just their fingerprint, without the need to authenticate via a PIN or mobile phone.

Owners can fill up and pay without having to walk into the kiosk

When you arrive at a connected service station and switch off to refuel, the Mercedes Me Fuel & Pay screen will automatically show on the touchscreen; drivers select the nozzle number they want to use and fill up. Once they have finished, the total amount will be shown on screen which can be confirmed and paid for with a simple tap of the finger – with no need to walk into the store.

Who’s going to use Mercedes Me Fuel & Pay?

Mercedes and Masercard surveyed the market and found that half of 18- to 39-year-olds would order and pay for goods and services from their car’s touchscreen. It’s one of the next big things, it seems.

‘With Mercedes Pay+, we are making everyday life easier for our customers,’ said Franz Reiner, chairman of Mercedes-Benz Mobility. ‘From now on, they can pay their fuel bill directly from their car using their fingerprint – simply, securely, and conveniently. An intuitive payment process and a best-in-class customer experience lay the foundation for the success of digital offerings. We are pioneers in native in-car payment and are already working on the integration of further services.’ 

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words