Mercedes brings ChatGPT to MBUX infotainment system

Published: 16 June 2023 Updated: 16 June 2023

► MBUX to get ChatGPT integration
► A beta that could include 900,00 cars
► Only in the US for now

Mercedes is bringing artificial intelligence to its cars from today. ChatGPT will soon become part of Mercedes’ MBUX infotainment system, as it looks to leverage the power of AI for its passengers. An optional beta, starting from today, will put the power of ChatGPT behind the brand’s own ‘Hey Mercedes’ functionality in up to 900,000 vehicles equipped with the MBUX infotainment system. The bad bit, besides the obvious Skynet worries?  It’s only available in the US for now. 

Customers can join the beta via the Mercedes me app, or by saying the phrase ‘Hey Mercedes, I want to join the beta programme.’ An over-the-air-update will then add ChatGPT functionality to the MBUX system. 

How will it work? 

The integration with ChatGPT will have two key benefits: Firstly, MBUX will become significantly more intuitive. Essentially, the AI tool will act as a skin over the existing MBUX commands, making it far easier to ask the car to do things. Passengers will no longer need to use the existing, prescribed phrases and can rely use more natural, conversational commands.

Secondly, the new update enables MBUX to do all the things you’d usually associate ChatGPT with – just now in your car. That means MBUX will be able to answer questions about your destination, suggest recipes for when you return home – and much more. 

‘The integration of ChatGPT with Microsoft in our controlled cloud environment is a milestone on our way to making our cars the centre of our customers’ digital lives,’ said Markus Schäfer, Mercedes-Benz CTO. ‘Our beta programme boosts the existing Hey Mercedes functions such as navigation queries, weather requests and others with the capabilities of ChatGPT.

‘This way, we aim to support conversations with natural dialogues and follow-up questions. Our customers can always rely on us to ensure the best possible protection of their data privacy. Everything is under one big goal: Redefining the relationship with your Mercedes.’

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's Digital Editor, F1 and sim-racing enthusiast. Partial to clever tech and sports bikes