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Nio hits the 1000km range barrier

Published: 02 January 2024 Updated: 02 January 2024

► Nio cracks the 1000km barrier
► Using an ET7 SUV
► And a Ultra Long Range battery

Nio has just squeezed over 1000km from one of its production-spec Ultra Long Range batteries. Completed back in December last year, the test involved a 14-hour drive from Shanghai to Xiamen, and was undertaken by none other than Nio’s CEO and founder, William Li. You can see how that compares to the range of other EVs here.

‘The completion of this range test marks the range of smart EVs going beyond 1000 kilometres, which will further promote the transformation of the automotive industry from the consumption of gasoline to electricity,’ said Li. 

How did they do the test? 

The exact amount of distance covered was 1044km (649 miles) and included a stopover and driver swap with other legs also carried out by Dr. Fei Shen, the SVP of NIO Power, and Chenxia Huang, the general manager of Tencent News. 

After the 14-hour journey, the battery – installed in one of the company’s ET7 EVs – registered 3% of charge. 

Battery swapping

Nio’s Ultra Long Range battery can be charged in a conventional manner, but the brand also pioneers an altogether different way of replenishing range. Nio has established a network of battery-swap stations (2289 in China and 33 in Europe), in which customers can have depleted batteries, physically replaced for fully-charged ones. 

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's Digital Editor, F1 and sim-racing enthusiast. Partial to clever tech and sports bikes