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Renault to test wind-powered car shipping to cut emissions

Published: 04 November 2022 Updated: 06 November 2022

► Renault to use sail-powered cargo ships
► Trial due to start in 2024 with Neoline
► Part of major drive to reduce CO2 footprint

Renault will trial a new carbon-neutral form of shipping in 2024 – swapping traditionally dirty cargo ships for sail-powered boats to transport its cars around the world.

The car maker is partnering with Neoline, a French company pioneering wind power for transatlantic shipping.

Its boats use vast 50m tall solid sails for propulsion on long-distance routes. Renault plans to launch the roll-on, roll-off commercial service in 2024.

Sail-powered car transport: Renault trims its carbon footprint

It’s not just short-haul journeys; Renault will test the new scheme transporting vehicles to north America from Saint-Nazaire, in western France. Although it doesn’t sell cars in the US, Renault has been selling EVs including the Twizy in Canada and on islands around the Americas.

Around 300-400 vehicles can be shipped on each Neoline vessel, the company said. Although it will take a little longer than a traditional cargo ship, this method of transportation will reduce the carbon emissions that make up a significant part of a vehicle’s cradle-to-grave impact.

It’s part of a major decarbonisation programme at Renault. It has pledged to achieve net zero carbon in Europe by 2030 and worldwide by 2050.

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words