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Watch: Renault creates driverless avoidance tech as good as a human

Published: 08 November 2017 Updated: 08 November 2017

► New collision avoidance tech
► Part of Groupe Renault’s 2022 plan
► Straight out of Silicon Valley

Groupe Renault has revealed its latest bit of autonomous safety tech – a collision avoidance system that steers you out of trouble just as well as any human can. I, for one, welcome our new collision avoidance overlords.

The tech was tested on a Zoe at Renault’s Open Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley and is being hailed as ‘an important next step in using autonomous driving to improve vehicle safety.’

What does the tech actually do?

Basically, it steers you clear out of the way of dangers coming at you from the side.

If you watch the video below, you’ll see that the Zoe (nicknamed ‘Callie’) reacts super quickly to the sudden obstacles thrown in its way without any assistance required, and just as well as when it was initially learning from professional Renault test drivers.

Why has Renault done it?

‘At Groupe Renault, we are focused on being an innovation leader in products, technology and design,’ according to the Lab’s director, Simon Hougard.

Well, that and the fact that Renault and indeed the whole group wants to be ‘one of the first brands to offer widely available “Mind Off” technology on mainstream vehicles’.

When will it be available on my new car?

By 2022, according to the big, over-arching plan the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance group has.

Watch the video below:

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By Jake Groves

CAR's deputy news editor, gamer, serial Lego-ist, lover of hot hatches