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Track your car from your phone with Rewire Security’s GPSLive

Published: 19 October 2018 Updated: 22 October 2018


► Track a personal vehicle or fleet
► Geo-fencing, speed-limit alerts and more
► £50 tracker, plus a £5 monthly subscription

If you own a business and run a fleet of vehicles, or if you’re just interested in keeping an eye on your pride and joy, you’ll want a GPS tracker – and Rewire Security represents one of leading tracker services in the UK.

Already used by clients such as the Ministry of Defence, Rewire Security already offers a wide range of telematics and GPS Tracking devices for locating kids, Alzheimer’s patients, overseas cargos – and vehicles, too.

How does it work?

Using the power of GPS satellites and small, unobtrusive trackers, Rewire Security’s GPSLive solution lets you track your car or motorbike in real-time – by laptop, smartphone and tablet.

On the most basic level, GPSLive offers you a way to check the whereabouts of your car, but a number of baked-in tools make it especially useful if you’re loaning out your personal vehicle, or running a fleet.

Tell me about Rewire’s extra features?

A trip log makes it easier to calculate how many miles racked up and fuel used by each driver, but Rewire Security adds a range of additional tools on top of that.  Fleet managers can promote more economical driving by setting up alarms for speeding, idling and harsh-braking: If the vehicle exceeds a speed limit, a text or notification can be sent straight to the fleet manager straight away.

What else can it do?

Rewire’s GPSLive tech also allows for Geo-fences – effectively programmable virtual areas that can be drawn on the GPSLive map. Once a vehicle enters or exits a geo-fenced areas, the fleet manager can be sent a notification – a useful feature for checking the rough whereabouts of your drivers.

How much is it?

Despite using some serious hardware – including GPS satellites – Rewire’s solution is cheaper than you’d think. A sensor for the system will set you back around £50, and you’ll need to have it installed somewhere on the car such as the engine, doors, and windows as well as any other electronic sensor on the vehicle.

Monthly subscription for GPSLive costs £5 and includes GPSLive web software and mobile app usage.