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CAR Condensed: your weekly news briefing

Published: 17 March 2019

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In this week’s CAR Condensed we’ve once again rounded up the most important automotive news from the past seven days. For what was supposed to be a quiet week after the Geneva motor show, it's been surprisingly chock-full of surprises, significant announcements and some pretty important new cars.

We've had a brand new Tesla unveiled, Nissan axed Infiniti from sale across western Europe and Porsche lifted the cover off a rather gorgeous 917 racing concept that hadn't seen the light of day until this week.

Read on to see the real headlines that clicked on Carmagazine.co.uk this week, as we round up the major stories in our weekly CAR Condensed series.

1. Tesla unveils the Model Y junior electric crossover

Think Model 3 pumped up a bit and you've got the gist of the Model Y. Taller and more crossovery, it's somewhere between an SUV and a coupe (in the mould of a BMW X4, maybe) and is - to these eyes - somewhat better looking than the bulbous Model X. You can read our full briefing on the Tesla Model Y here.

2. We drive the new Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque: we've driven the Mk2

Talk about difficult second album syndrome. The Mk1 Evoque was a complete smash hit, breaking sales records left, right and centre. It's not an easy car to replace - but replace it they have. Keith Adams has tested the car extensively, on road and off - and reports that it's a sensible, significant upgrade to what went before. Read his full review here.

3. Infiniti pulls out of Europe

The alarm bells started ringing when we noticed that Infiniti sales had collapsed to a minuscule 750 cars in the UK in 2018 - a drop in the premium car ocean. This week Nissan confirmed that it was yanking Infiniti off sale across western Europe from March 2020. It brings to an end a decade of pushing water uphill, as the quirky Japanese premium brand never caught on here. Don't miss our detailed news dossier here - and you can read Tim Pollard's blog on how Infiniti could have become Nissan's Polestar here.

4. Your guide to driving abroad after Brexit

International Driving Permits: what you need to know about driving abroad after Brexit

In a week where the mainstream news agenda was once again dominated by Brexit, we look ahead to what it could mean for motorists after 29 March. If the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal, motorists will need an International Driving Permit to drive in Europe. Our guide here unravels the red tape.

5. We test the new VW T-Cross

Another T-crossover from the Volkswagen stable: we've tested it for hundreds of miles and came back with a cautious thumbs-up. It hasn't exactly rewritten the rulebook, but it is a typically slick VW affair - with a decent drive, a solid interior and rounded small family creds. If only it had a little more sizzle though... Read our T-Cross review here.

6. Toyota goes to the moon!

Toyota Lunar Rover: they're going to space!

Yes, Toyota really has developed a fuel-cell powered lunar rover for the Japanese space agency. Read all about it here.

7. Porsche lops the top off the 911. We drive it

The new 992-era Porsche has already won plaudits from us - a subtle evolution of an icon, made smarter, more up-to-date and - incredibly - even better to drive. Now they've chopped the roof off to make the new 911 Cabriolet. Ben Barry drives it here

8. CAR magazine relaunches!

It's a new 2020 model year facelift for ourselves, as CAR magazine undergoes a thorough overhaul. It's the first time we've had a new look since 2015 - and there's a redesign, new features, extra sections and much, much more. Have a guided tour here - and don't forget to check out our best subscription deals here.

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By Jake Groves

CAR's staff writer, office Geordie, gamer, lover of hot hatches