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CAR Condensed: your weekly news briefing

Published: 17 August 2018

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Welcome to CAR Condensed, the best way to keep up to date with the week’s most significant stories, car news and first drives. Every Friday, we collate the most important events of the past seven days, and list them right here to keep you thoroughly updated with the news that matters.

This week we’ve tested the all-new BMW 3-series in prototype form, a car that’s going to be extremely important for the German brand. We also got to see all-new pictures of the forthcoming Z4 Roadster, though BMW didn’t actually want us to…

We revisited the Carrera 4 GTS to see if it really is the ultimate all-round 911, and we’ve sampled the Volvo V60 D3, an estate that has the German carmakers worried – and for good reason. Oh, and we went for another spin in the legendary Ferrari Dino…

For all that and more – including an incredible insight into Michael Schumacher from the CAR+ archives, keep reading.

1) The 246 Ferrari Dino driven

Two eras of Ferrari come together in the gorgeous Dino 246 GT. Its ‘'50s meets '80s, old school and new broom, a genuine watershed in Ferrari's history. To find out how one of Maranello’s greatest icons drives, we had a steer over at Rockingham. Read our review here.

2) BMW 3-series prototype drive

The BMW 3-series is known for being an aspirational sort of car, something a little bit more inspiring than your average small-to-medium sized saloon car. That’s due in no small part to the fact that it has, traditionally, been good fun to drive. Does the 3-series move the game forward, or drop the ball completely? Here’s our early verdict.

3) The 911 all-rounder revisited

Carrera 4 GTS is Stuttgart code for the fastest 911 south of the Turbo and GT models. But unlike the the GT3 or GT2, this Porsche isn’t about purity or driver-focus. Instead, the Carrera 4 GTS is a deluxe version of the 911, with all the mechanical toys Porsche has to offer. So is this a supercar bloated by technology, or is it the 911 formula improved? Read the updated CAR review to find out.

4) Volvo V60 driven

If you’re at all worried that choosing a Volvo might leave you without that feel-good buzz the premium Germans do so well, stop worrying – the V60 is a strikingly handsome, hugely accomplished estate with plenty to tempt BMW 3-series, Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4 buyers. And now we’ve driven the D3 version.

5) New BMW Z4 pictures leak

We first saw the BMW Z4 concept at Pebble Beach 2017, and just under a year later we’ve got a good look at the production car. Leaked press pictures of the final car – developed jointly with the forthcoming Toyota Supra – are currently all over the internet, and they reveal where BMW has taken the new Roadster’s design. Here’s what to expect.

6) F1 2018 game review

What you won’t find here is a full review – that’ll come early next week – but it’s still possible to give an early verdict of what’s the best F1 game to date. But just how good is it, and is it worth buying if you’ve already got F1 2017? Keep reading to find out our early impressions.

7) Pebble Beach preview

Monterey car week is nearly upon us, and that means we’re braced to see exotic new – and old – metal from some of the automotive industry’s leading brands. The car week is actually made of a handful of separate events throughout the last week of August, all taking place as you’d expect, around Monterey. Here’s what to expect.

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By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast