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CAR Condensed: your weekly news briefing

Published: 17 May 2019

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It’s been another busy week for the car industry, with new announcements and new metal keeping us busy over the last seven days. We’ve driven some of the most highly anticipated cars ever – from the Supra to 911 Speedster, and we’ve tested some of the most important EVs now on sale, too. We also tested a huge camper van with an ensuite, too, because it’s incredible.

At the same time, we’ve got fresh intel on the cars you’re still waiting for such as the new Land Rover Defender, and we’ve even snapped pictures of the new 1-series and Golf, too.

For that and a little bit more, keep reading – and be sure to sound off in the comments at the foot of the article!

1. Toyota Supra finally reviewed

New Toyota Supra review

So long has the new Toyota Supra been in gestation, you’d be forgiven if you no longer cared much about it. Its styling harks all the way back to the FT-1 concept car revealed in January 2014 and only now, in May 2019, has the drip-feed of teasers and prototypes reached an end. The production Supra is finally here – but the good news is, it’s been worth the wait. This is an engaging, desirable sports car. Here’s why.

2. New Defender intel from the boss

New Defender intel

JLR CEO Ralph Speth is bullishly talking up his financially challenged company’s prospects, which will soon be boosted by the arrival of the ‘sensational’ new Land Rover Defender.

Dr Speth, speaking at the FT Future of the Car Summit in London, said: ‘It was one of my toughest days to stop the old Defender, the icon. I’ve driven the new Defender. Maybe I shouldn’t talk about this, but it’s so sensational on the road and off. It’s pure fun and so capable.’ More info this way. 

3. Porsche 911 Speedster: a double-humped present

Porsche’s fifth Speedster, and its fourth based on the 911, is a 70th birthday present to itself. More correctly, a present to 1948 customers, this celebration model in the best tradition of Porsche specials and being built in limited numbers. Is it any good? Read our review to find out. 

4. McLaren GT: Grand Touring, Woking-style

McLaren’s range has grown rapidly since 2011, with each new model rationalised into the Woking filing system: Sports Series, Super Series and Ultimate Series. But now they’re gonna need a bigger filing cabinet, because there’s a new one that doesn’t fit any of those categories at all. 

It’s called the GT and it’s on sale now for £165k – comparable money to a 570S Spider, aka the convertible Sports Series. With it, McLaren hopes to conquest Ferrari Portofino, Aston Martin DB11 and Porsche 911 Turbo S sales. More info here.

5. Inside the new Mk8 VW Golf

inside the new VW Golf

Following our detailed look at the new Golf, we’ve now got fresh spyshots of its uprated interior. Our friends with the long lens managed to snap pictures of the new car in a testing camo livery, but the inside of the car was less disguised than you’d expect. Here's what we know. 

6. VW Grand California is a happy camper

Love the idea of life on the road with VW’s California campervan, but can’t live without the reassurance of knowing where the next civilised bathroom stop is going to come from? Volkswagen now has the solution – but you’re going to need a bigger space to park it in. Read our review here. 

7. A peep at the new BMW 1-series

We’re getting closer to the BMW 1-series’ big reveal. We’ve already got spy pictures of the new car inside and out, and now Munich is beginning to tease pictures of the new hatchback across its social media channels.

Today, a tweet published by the brand showed the 1-series in camouflage, with technicians gradually peeling back its disguise. And later, another tweet showed a shadowy image of the front of the car, too. Here's what we know

8. Porsche reveals retro liveries for new 935

Last year Porsche revealed the new 935, a modern take on the 935/78 ‘Moby Dick,’ with GT2 RS running gear. And now it’s revealed the colours you’ll be able to get it in.

In an announcement today, Stuttgart has revealed a range of liveries customers will be able to pick for their 935, and as you’d expect, they hark back to some of Porsche’s most iconic racers of the 70 and 80s. More about the tribute here.

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast