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Published: 05 July 2019

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Welcome to CAR Condensed, our weekly round-up of the key news stories, new cars and announcements from the past seven days. We’ve been busy driving important new cars such as the Honda E electric car and Bentley’s first hybrid, reporting on major launches such as the new Lotus hypercar and scooping the new all-electric Jaguar XJ and F-type sports cars.

Read on for our full guide to the automotive stories that matter from the past week.

1. The next new Lotus will be called Evija

Lotus Evija: a new kind of electric Lotus is coming

Not long now until we see the new Lotus hypercar, Britain’s first all-electric supercar - and it’s going to be called Evija. Pronounced ‘Ev-eye-a’, it means ‘the first in existence or the living one’, according to Hethel. Read the full story here.

2. We drove the new electric Honda

Honda E: all-electric and here soon

The baby Honda electric car might’ve been watered down a bit from that gorgeous concept car, but it’s still a perky, petite e-mini with attitude and we drove it this week. ‘What an interesting little conundrum the Honda e is,’ mused Jake Groves. ‘Its dinky size, cute face and properly cool interior are the biggest draws in its charm arsenal, so much so that some might overlook the low-ish available range and expected-to-be-lofty price tag.’ Full review this way.

3. Riding in the Mercedes A-Class hybrid

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Hybrid

Everyone’s at it in 2019 - and Merc is about to hybridise its A-Class supermini too. We plugged in for a ride and found it to be an entirely sensible small hatch, aimed at doing the daily commute entirely on electric power for cheap running costs and a saintly feelgood factor. Check out the full review.

4. Goodwood, Goodwood, Goodwood!

Goodwood Festival of Speed

This weekend marks the annual Festival of Speed and you can check out the smorgasbord of new cars launching in West Sussex this week in our handy round-up of the new cars.

5. The next Jaguar XJ will definitely be electric

Jaguar XJ electric (CAR's artist's impression)

We first reported it more than a year ago - but this week Jaguar confirmed the news that the next XJ would be its first existing model range to go all-electric. Nabbing a lot of the i-Pace technical know-how, the next XJ will be built in Castle Bromwich and our scoop story builds out the background on this week’s industrial announcement. Read more here.

6. Mercedes reveals the new AMG A45 hot hatch

Mercedes-AMG A45

Thought the horsepower wars were over? Nobody told Merc, who this week unveiled the mildly bonkers 415bhp A45 AMG hot hatch. If you want even more road presence, the curvy CLA 45 AMG adds banana cool to the muscle. 

7. Bentley’s first hybrid 

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid driven

Online editor Curtis Moldrich bagged the first drive in the new Bentayga Hybrid and walked away less than impressed. The V6 engine snaffled from the VW Group parts bin just didn’t seem befitting of Britain’s luxury brand… Find out why here.

8. The new Ford Focus ST is a proper Golf GTI rival

Ford Focus ST review

‘The Focus feels extremely well-rounded as a day-today car as well as a potentially thrilling one on the right road,’ concluded James Taylor. It costs £30,595 for the diesel and £33,095 for the petrol ST, which places it into stern competition.  Read our full Ford Focus ST review here.

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