Citroen Ami Buggy (2023) review: Ami the adventurer

Published:06 October 2023

Citroen Ami Buggy front tracking
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By James Dennison

Head of automotive video for CAR magazine and our sister website

By James Dennison

Head of automotive video for CAR magazine and our sister website

► CAR drives Citroen’s new Ami Buggy
► It’s a ‘mobility solution’, not a car
► Dinky EV takes on the heart of London

Citroen’s Ami Buggy is the limited-edition outdoor adventure version of its electric quadricycle. That means you get the same hardware, basic shape and unbeatable manoeuvrability as the regular Ami, but with a few choice additions to enhance its ‘lifestyle’ credentials. Priced at £10495, the UK’s allocation of 40 units has already sold out, yet there’s strong suggestions that another limited-edition variant could arrive in 2024.

What are the differences to a regular Ami?

The black, khaki and yellow scheme stands out and is supposed to convey the Buggy’s sense of adventure, while further yellow flashes embossed on the front panel, yellow arrows on the wheel arches and yellow accents throughout the interior add touches of flair.

Black protective elements on the bumpers, skid plates, headlamp surrounds and extended wheel arches further enforce the rough and tumble image. There’s even a roof spoiler to keep the back end planted when you’re sending it through those high-speed corners. Ahem. The matte bronze/gold steely-style wheels are a nice touch, too, and arguably look better than the alloy design on the original Ami.

Citroen Ami Buggy side static

The yellow theme continues in the ‘cabin’, with yellow storage compartments complemented by a matching portable storage bag (positioned in the centre of the steering wheel). There’s no stereo or infotainment system to speak of in the Ami Buggy, yet there is a dedicated space on the dashboard for a Bluetooth speaker plus a USB port to power your phone.

Finally, the doors and sunroof have been removed and replaced by black dual side gates with transparent rainproof covers, as well as a black waterproof fabric roof that can be deployed if the weather changes.

What’s it like to drive?

If you imagine a luxury (and we use the term ‘luxury’ very loosely, here) quadbike with much slower acceleration then you wouldn’t be far off. Like the original, it’s limited to a top speed of around 28mph and its 5.4kWh battery is good for a range of about 46 miles, but don’t expect rapid EV performance. It barely qualifies as nippy and anywhere outside an urban environment is a challenge – this being somewhat at odds with its adventurer billing.

You’ll also find that the removal of the roof and doors means it can be pretty chilly with the covers pulled back, but more than likely quite refreshing when the weather is hot. The ride comfort isn’t too bad all things considered, but the steering is slow and sometimes vague. This probably being a good thing, as we’ve all seen what happens when an Ami is thrown into a corner too quickly…

Citroen Ami Buggy rear tracking

Unsurprisingly, its biggest strengths are manoeuvrability and novelty factor. The turning circle is just 7.2m (1.3m smaller than a London Taxi) and means the Ami Buggy can fit down even the smallest passageways or byways down to the beach. That said, any time you’ve saved will be negated by having to explain the car to almost every passer-by. It really does get supercar levels of attention, so if you’re hoping this small EV allows you to slip under the radar then think again.


Like the original Ami, the Buggy is a simple, fun, no-frills personal mobility solution that also scores highly on character and exclusivity. If you appreciate that it’s not a car and isn’t intended to be used as one then you should get along fine. For those that fancy it, the Buggy’s styling is subjective, but we’d suggest that on a purely practical basis a second-hand version of the regular Ami (with proper doors) is still the one to pick.

Citroen Ami Buggy front three-quarter


Price when new: £10,495
On sale in the UK: Sold out
Engine: 5.5kWh battery, single e-motor, 8bhp
Transmission: Single-speed automatic, front-wheel drive
Performance: n/a sec 0-62mph, 28mph, 7.8 miles per kWh (est), 46-mile range, 0g/km CO2
Weight / material: 485kg
Dimensions (length/width/height in mm): 2410/1390/1520mm

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  • Citroen Ami Buggy front tracking
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  • Citroen Ami Buggy front tracking
  • Citroen Ami Buggy side static
  • Citroen Ami Buggy front three-quarter
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  • Citroen Ami Buggy front three-quarter

By James Dennison

Head of automotive video for CAR magazine and our sister website