McLaren MP4-12C video: a hot lap with Jenson Button

Published: 15 February 2011

If you are unable to view this flash video of the McLaren MP4-12C with Jenson Button please click here to view on youtube

It's not your everyday test drive demonstration. When Chris Chilton strapped himself into the passenger seat of the new McLaren MP4-12C, he sat next to none other than Jenson Button, McLaren's F1 driver and the 2009 world champion.

Watch our new video of Chris's hot lap of the Portugal circuit sitting alongside Button in McLaren's supercar and marvel at how CAR Magazine's assistant editor just about manages to keep it together enough to interview McLaren's hotshot at speeds of up to 150mph. You can laugh at Chris's face being squidged by the g-forces too.

Don't miss Chris's video review of the MP4-12C in our separate film here. It's all part of McLaren week on CAR Online, as we mark the launch of the new supercar from Woking. We have videos, reviews, blogs, wallpapers and competitions galore. You can buy the new March 2011 issue of CAR Magazine using the button below (not the Button in the film, obviously).

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