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Nurburgring special

Published: 20 May 2009 Updated: 26 January 2015

The Nurburgring

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The new July 2009 issue of CAR Magazine celebrates the legend that is the Nurburgring. The Nordschleife circuit in Germany’s Eifel Mountains has achieved legendary status in the minds of car enthusiasts around the globe. Blame its long history, the formidable races it’s hosted, its public toll road status and manufacturers’ fixation with developing prototypes there. But most of all, blame its devilish 12.7-mile layout that has foxed drivers – professional and amateur – ever since launch in 1927.

In the new issue of CAR Magazine, we’ve taken two titans of the Ring – the Porsche 911 and Nissan GT-R – to find out once and for all which is faster, after last year’s public spat between the two firms over disputed laptimes. We thought we’d better take the latest Spec V and GT3, and an independent Ring racing driver, to Germany to find out.

Here we present the cars, videos, blogs and downloads to give you Ringside seats for our Nurburgring adventure.






Nissan GT-R Spec V CAR review


Porsche GT-3 CAR review

Nissan GT-R Spec V
CAR review

Porsche GT3
CAR review 

A week in the life of a GT-R

100mph in the fog at the Nurburgring

A week in the
life of a GT-R

100 mph round
the Ring… in fog!


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Nurburgring 24hr race


Manufacturer ring footage

Last year’s 24hr
Nurburgring race

Ring footage

Youtube Nurburgring videos

CAR Magazine spy videos at the Nurburgring

The best Youtube
Nurburgring videos

Our pick of the best
Nordschleife spy vids


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Nurburgring stats, facts and general information


Nurburgring wallpapers

Stats and facts: all
you need to know

Wallpapers: CAR’s
best Ring photography

Behind the scenes at the Nurburgring

Win a weekend at the Nurburgring for 4 people

Outtakes: more pics we
couldn’t squeeze in mag

Win a weekend with your
mates at the Ring


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