Now within reach(ish): Corvette Z06, CAR+ February 2016 | CAR Magazine

Now within reach(ish): Corvette Z06, CAR+ February 2016

Published: 20 January 2016 Updated: 20 January 2016

► How to buy a Corvette Z06
► £35k gets you a 505bhp V8
► It’s simple and ludicoursly quick

>  Compact, sophisticated and scaldingly quick, the Corvette C6 (2005-2013) – the 6th generation since the 1953 original – remains a deeply talented sports car in standard form, and a fine base for the hot Z06 version, complete with its fearsome 505bhp 7.0-litre handbuilt V8.

>  Any old iron? Hardly – when it was intoduced the Z06’s LS7 V8 was the most powerful naturally-aspirated engine in GM history, complete with dry-sump lubrication and titanium conrods. Chassis is a bespoke, aluminium-intensive affair.

>  With its uprated suspension, tweaked steering, unique aero and vast cross-drilled stoppers, the Z06 has the chassis to cope. It may not have the ten-tenths feedback and composure of German and Italian rivals but big speeds are so, so easy.

>  Don’t look too closely at the quality of the materials and the general fit and finish and the Z06’s sturdy cabin is impressive; cosy and well-equipped. And you can forgive a few creaks when you’re getting a 200mph coupe for compact saloon cash.

One we found 

2006 C6 Z06, 21,700 miles, yellow, FSH, sports exhaust, £38,000