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The Chrysler Ypsilon is a gap-filling oddity in the UK. Product of the amalgamation between the Fiat Group and Chrysler, it's a right-hand drive rebrand of the latest in the long-standing Lancia Ypsilon city car model line. It's also the closest you can get to a five-door version of the Fiat 500.

60sec road test
For all that it left the UK in a cloud rust particles and ignominy, Lancia is considered a luxury brand on the continent, and especially in Italy, where the Ypsilon and the Delta continue to command a loyal following. Unfortunately, the need to also market the car as a Chrysler (in the UK, Ireland and Japan) has rather made a mish-mash of the styling. These striking – if that's the right word – visuals continue on the inside, where in place of a conventional instrument cluster lurks a central edifice that presumably eased the cost concerns of building low volume right-hand drive as much as it represents original thinking. In order to cram two extra doors into the Fiat 500 platform, the Ypsilon gets an extra 90mm in the wheelbase, meaning a marginal improvement in passenger space and ride quality. The high-set, upright driving position of the 500 carries over, and it uses a reduced choice of the same engines. As with the Fiat, it's a functionally nimble driving experience, rather than a genuinely enjoyable one. Far better city car choices are available, but if you really must stand out from the crowd, the intricate interior detailing offers some compensation.

The one we'd buy
1.2 petrol

The one we'd avoid like the plague
0.9 petrol

Rivals to consider
Fiat 500, Volkswagen Up

Standing out from the crowd, unusual interior

Everything else, there's a reason you don't see very many of them

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