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Gridserve takes off: new, high-tech EV charging station to serve Gatwick airport

Published: 08 January 2024 Updated: 08 January 2024

► Gridserve is now in 175 locations
► Also has more than 1200 chargers
► New facility has 30, of which 22 are high speed

Gridserve has just opened one of its largest, most advanced charging facilities to date – and it’s right next to Gatwick airport. Based just off the Ring Road South approach to the airport’s south terminal, Gridserve’s ‘Electric Forecourt’ will service electric cars headed to and from the airport, as well as motorists using the nearby M23. 

‘Gridserve has been placed in a strategic location and will be available to millions of passengers, commuters, staff, residents and businesses that pass through the area each year,’ said Bronwen Jones, development director at London Gatwick airport.

‘We are making sustainability part of everything we do here at London Gatwick and we are committed to creating a low-carbon economy by providing new infrastructure that everyone can use, so together we can reduce emissions.’

Gridserve Gatwick with MG4

How big it? 

The London Gatwick Electric Forecourt will consist of 30 chargers, and 22 of those will be high power; meaning they can achieve power transfers of up to 350kW – if your car is compatible. In simple terms, that equates to 100 miles of range in just 5 minutes.

Still, it needs to be large and efficient: Gridserve estimates 32.9 million passengers visited the airport in 2022 – with many of those coming by car. Throw in an increasing percentage of those cars being electric – as well as the fact the forecourt will be serving local traffic and even airport staff – and it’ll be interesting to see just how busy things get.

Gridserve Gatwick chargers

What types of plug will it use? 

Although CCS is increasingly becoming the standard for electric cars, Gridserve includes both CCS and CHAdeMO standards at all charging locations for maximum compatibility. 

Anything else? 

Charging times may be falling, but convenience stores, food courts and other services are increasingly important when it comes to charging stations. With that in mind, Gridserve is keen to point out that the new facility will include a range of retail and food outlets, so EV owners have something to do while their car is charging. 

Interestingly the forecourt also includes a shop that uses Amazon’s Just Walk Out tech: customers must scan their card before entering, but then instead of normal checkouts, AI and an array of cameras worth together to identify and automatically charge customers for what they take.

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's Digital Editor, F1 and sim-racing enthusiast. Partial to clever tech and sports bikes