Cupra electric: from Terramar to Tavascan, the brand’s new plan revealed

Published: 07 June 2022

► Cupra’s electric plans
► Model range to increase in size
► Tavascan in 2024, UrbanRebel city car in 2025

Cupra has just revealed a new roadmap that’ll see three additional vehicles join its line-up by 2025. In addition to the pure electric Tavascan SUV and the pure electric UrbanRebel city car – both of which have already been revealed in some form– Cupra is also set to introduce a new hybrid SUV called the Terramar.

All three models were revealed at Cupra’s ‘Unstoppable Impulse’ event in Terramar, Spain, which comes just four years after the brand’s split from parent company Seat. The Tavascan, Terramar and UrbanRebel will join the Leon, Born and Formentor – which will also have a refresh by 2025.

cupra born overhead

‘We know exactly where we want to go, and I promise you it will not be boring. Every single model we will bring to the market will be a step ahead on our journey,’ said CEO Wayne Griffiths. ‘We’ll do this the CUPRA way, like we always have. The future is electric. The future is Cupra.”

How’s it been going? 

Although Cupra doesn’t quite have the brand recognition it desires, sales have already exceeded expectations: 200,000 Cupras have been shopped so far, while turnover has jumped to 2.2billion euros in 2021 from just 430 million euroes in 2018. It’s also worth remembering those 2021 figures are both Covid and chip-shortage effected. 

What’s next? 

‘By 2025 our aim is to deliver 500,000 cars per year and push forward with our international expansion into new markets as well as entering new segments,’ said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA. The CUPRA Tribe is committed to making all this happen, it’s the people that count. Because at the end, it’s the people who make the brand.’

The Terramar

Cupra may stand for electric performance, but it’s still persisting with hybrid cars – and the Terramar is another. Called the brand’s first electric SUV, it’ll be much larger than the Formentor, but feature the same striking design Cupra has become known for. 

‘Terramar, our new sporty hybrid SUV, perfectly combines bold proportions with a long striking bonnet, while the shark nose means breakthrough resistance and the determination to win’, said Jorge Diez, Design Director at Cupra. ‘Thinking of how the driver will feel, we provide a unique experience with the latest technology, thanks to the driver oriented interior concept. All in all, a 4.5 metre long SUV, with CUPRA DNA ready to shake one of the most competitive segments.’

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's Digital Editor, F1 and sim-racing enthusiast. Partial to clever tech and sports bikes.