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Frontline’s newest restomodded MGB adventure – meet the LE60 and the BEE EV

Published: 21 September 2023 Updated: 21 September 2023

► Limited edition Frontline 4.8-litre, V8-engined LE60
► Electrified MGBs, the BEE EV and the BEE GT
► …and they’re customisable!

Oxfordshire-based restomod legend Frontline has revealed its latest venture into the modern world with the limited edition LE60 and the BEE EV, based on the bespoke MGB GT – and they’ve kept the classy look.

Known for their restomod MG specialism, Frontline have taken their first step into the world of EV’s with their recently announced BEE EV editions. Don’t worry though, they’ve also launched the LE60, their first car to take advantage of a 4.8-litre Rover V8.

Customers are set to be invited to the Frontline clubhouse in Oxfordshire to customise the interior; akin to buying a custom suit, the restomodder will customise suspension, steering, and other to-your-liking bits before handing the car over.

Frontline LE60 and BEE EV

LE60: What’s the deal?

Built to mark 60 years of the MGB – thus the ‘60’ – and 30 years of Frontline, the LE60 is the most robust and powerful car the firm has created. Limited to just 30 cars for customers globally, the LE60 can churn out 375bhp and is paired with a five-speed gearbox – a feature it shares with the BEE EVs.

Frontline LE60

At almost triple the power of the original donor MGB car, some adjustments had to be made. A stronger chassis, bigger brakes, and a limited-slip differential all come together to push this 50/50 weight distributed beast forward.

Tim Fenna, founder and chief engineer of Frontline Cars explained, ‘The LE60 is not just a car for us, but a heartfelt celebration of Frontline’s history and our intertwining connection with not only MG but the MGB.’

Frontline LE60

Fenna explained that the restomodder is ‘embracing the next step of Frontline’s journey with unwavering enthusiasm.’

Now, onto the BEE EV editions…

Taking its first ever step into the fully electric world, Frontline has revealed the BEE and its affectionately named sister the BEE GT. In an attempt to create a response to drivers looking for ‘an engaging, fun, and driver-focused classic car without the emissions’, the BEE editions are fitted with a manual gearbox that aims to imitate an ICE engine – much like the Ioniq 5 N’s ‘engine’ noises.

Frontline BEE EV

Take a further look underneath and you’ll find a 40kWh battery that powers a Hyper9 100v motor that reaches full charge in five hours – a small price to pay for a piece of history?

Frontline is keen to emphasise the ICE-like characteristics of the car, with gear changes that look to mimic the real thing and a revvable motor capable of reaching 9000rpm. There is also the option for any existing Frontline customers to make the switch to the electric conversion, should they feel so inclined.

Frontline BEE EV

Tim Founder expressed that the BEE editions are the ‘essence of the MG’s timeless design while propelling us into a future of sustainable mobility.’

The LE60 and BEE editions will be publicly debuted at the up-coming Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble on the 8th October.