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Electric Kias: new EV2 announced as part of massive expansion

Published: 05 April 2024 Updated: 05 April 2024

► Rapid EV expansion from EV2 to EV9
► Plans include PBV electric vans and more electrified models
► Kia’s wider electrification plans outlined

At the brand’s 2024 CEO Investor day, Kia has outlined its strategy for the year ahead and more clues as to what to expect from the brand over the rest of the decade.

Kia’s electrification strategy seems to be getting more aggressive with each passing month. At the beginning of 2021, the Korean brand announced it would launch seven new electric vehicles by 2027 – but the company has since revised that statement, claiming it will now expand its range of EVs to 15 models within the same time period.

To hit that target, Kia is launching a raft of new electric vehicles every year between now and then, which includes its range of EV[insert number here] passenger cars and a range of PBVs – electric commercial vehicles. Kia president and CEO, Ho Sung Song, said at the 2024 Investor Day (pictured below) that its updated goals are designed to ‘further the establishment of an innovative EV line-up and accelerate the company’s transition to a sustainable mobility solutions provider.’

Currently, a lot of Kia’s electric cars take advantage of the E-GMP electric platform shared with Hyundai and Kia. That means Kia’s larger current and next-generation electric vehicles also come with the same 800-volt electrical system as those cars, promising ultra-fast charging.

But, as well as updating the EVs that already exist (like the EV6, which is due a refresh very soon) and putting more of its announced cars into production, Kia also confirmed it will build a new EV2 electric car.

What electric cars can I buy from Kia now?

Kia EV6: South Korea makes some of the best EVs of 2024

Kia EV6
One of our favourite EVs – so much so that we think it’s one of the best electric cars on the market – due to its quality, good range, clever technology and interesting design.

Kia EV9
One of a very limited number of three-row electric cars on the market right now. Huge range potential and it huge space inside, but they come with the fact that it’s, er… huge.

Kia Niro EV
A much more sensible, family-friendly and more cost-effective electric car that has roots that are older than the EV6 or EV9. That said, it’s still a smartly designed electric car with a good amount of space and you can pick one up for a reasonable price compared to rivals.

Kia Soul EV
A much more left-field sibling to the Niro. Wacky styling and much more form over function here, but still manages a good range range and won’t be a headache to own.

What Kia electric cars are coming in the future?

Kia EV2
This was announced at the 2024 Investor Day, and is expected to launch in 2025. It’s something that will likely battle the likes of Renault’s 5 EV and VW’s upcoming ID.2 in the increasingly competitive small EV market.

Kia EV3
A smaller crossover-ish hatchback (pictured below) that will go on sale towards the end of 2024. Kia promises a ‘versatile, open space’ and an interior filled to the brim with innovative recycled materials.

Kia EV4
A sleek saloon-like car designed to be a smaller and more cost-effective model than the EV6. Similar to the EV3. It’s expected to launch from 2025.

Kia EV5
Honey, I shrunk the EV9! This is designed to target the family car heartland and be an electric companion to Kia’s own Sportage.

What on earth are PBVs?

Purpose Built Vehicles. They’re designed to suit the needs of very specific tasks, such as warehouse logistics, cargo hauling or personal transport. The first PBV will officially go on sale in 2025.

Kia’s new skateboard platform is where things get interesting, though. Basically, it’s a flat, flexible chassis, onto which different bodies can be bolted to suit a variety of tasks. Some of the ideas currently being kicked around by the brand include delivery vehicles, mobile offices and people-movers to replace traditional buses. Oh yes, and they’ll all drive autonomously.

This autonomous capability will also trickle down into Kia’s passenger cars. The EV9, for example, will be offered with a range of next-generation driver assistance functions when it hits the market in 2023 – and Kia plans to continually improve the technology over the next decade with over-the-air updates.

The tech has been given the overarching title of ‘AutoMode,’ and it’ll include a function called ‘Highway Driving Pilot’ which would allow Kia’s next-generation EVs to assume complete control of their acceleration, steering and brakes on certain motorway stretches without driver intervention. The future is most definitely here.

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By Jake Groves

CAR's deputy news editor, gamer, serial Lego-ist, lover of hot hatches