Aston Martin DB5 Junior: Shrunken, not heard

Published: 02 September 2020

Cementing itself as our new favourite electric vehicle maker, The Little Car Company has followed up on the brilliant Bugatti Baby II we drove in 2020 with a two-thirds scale Aston Martin DB5.

Perfect for scaled-down James Bond fans and adults alike, the DB5 Junior is available with up to 13.4bhp and 40 mile range, depending on specification.

There’s also a new Balance of Performance setting that matches the acceleration and top speed to other Little Car Company models, past and future, for a level playing field on track.

How fast is it?

Depends on spec – much like the Baby II there’s a range of power modes depending on who’s driving and how much of that electric powertrain you trust them with.

All cars get Novice and Expert modes offering 1.3bhp and 6.7bhp respectively, with 12mph and 30mph top speeds. Then there’s Race mode, which is the BoP setting mentioned earlier.

Then, if you pick a Vantage version car, you get a secret fourth setting accessed by a flicking a hidden missile switch, doubling the power to 13.4bhp. The top speed is unconfirmed but the firm’s Bugatti model manages 42mph with the same drivetrain.

Carbon fibre bodywork and a limited-slip differential help to make the most of that boosted output in the Vantage, as does a hydraulic handbrake for high-speed skidding action.

How faithful is this reproduction?

It uses a complete 3D scan of an original DB5 for reference, so it’s very close, and because it’s built on an aluminium honeycomb chassis with composite panels, the car without driver weights 270kg.

As far as details go, all the badges are direct copies and the dashboard is full of Smiths dials, although the fuel gauge is now a battery meter, and the oil temperature now displays the motor temperature.

The steering wheel has been scaled down and features a quick release to make getting in and out easier, and billet aluminium pedals add a level of authenticity.

Will it drive like a DB5?

The front double wishbone suspension has the same roll centre and camber geometry as the full-size car, plus the rear features a live axle with upper and lower trailing arm suspension and Panhard rod.

Behind each ten-inch wire wheel is a ventilated disc brake, which should provide adequate stopping power, plus there’s regenerative braking to help extend the car’s range.

All models come in Birch Silver as standard but there’s a palette of interior and exterior colours if you want, plus options like a full-size flight case, additional batteries and custom number plates.

That’ll be handy if you already own a DB5, because the Little Car Company is giving owners of original cars first refusal on a matching chassis number DB5 Junior.

Prices start at £35,000, or £45,000 (both plus local taxes) for the more powerful DB5 Vantage Junior.

By Adam Binnie

Bauer Automotive's commercial content editor; likes bikes and burgers, often over-tyred