This mansion comes with a Batman-style garage

Published: 18 December 2019

► Located in Australia
► Costs about £6million
► A decent start to the commute 

Ever wanted to feel like Batman at the start and end of your daily commute? Well, we have the perfect house for you.

Located at 7 Ottawa Road, Toorak, in Victoria, Australia the 743 square meter property has one of the coolest garages we have seen in a while.

According to the listing by real estate agency Kay & Burton, it can fit six to eight vehicles, but from the pictures it looks like there is ample room in the basement space.

Batman Garage

Surprisingly, the real estate blurb doesn’t mention the ultra-cool entrance to the garage, but the pictures provide all you need to know.

Instead of a traditional garage door, a piece of the courtyard raises to reveal the secret entrance. Pointless? Maybe. Ultra-cool? Definitely.

With a driveway like that, you’ll be feeling like Bruce Wayne every time you leave the house, which is a damn fine way to start the day by us.

The listing states the property has three bedrooms and an equivalent number of bathrooms, but you don’t really care about that, do you?

The property is listed as open for expressions of interest, while the indicative selling price is between $11.2 million and $12 million – about £6million. Yes, that’s a frankly obscene amount of money, but for the ultra-rich that can afford it, it’d make a damn fine indulgence.

What cars would you put in this mega cool garage?

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By Cameron Kirby

Online editor of our former sister site, Wheels. Also, self-professed motorsport shoey historian