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David Cameron buys £1500 Micra for wife

Published: 24 May 2016

► David Cameron buys £1500 Micra
► Secondhand surprise when PM turns up
► Nissan Micra for wife 'SamCam'

What sort of car do you buy for your wife if you're the prime minister of Great Britain? A premium, patriotic Jaguar or Land Rover perhaps? Or a British-built Bentley Bentayga? A rather more down-to-earth, used Nissan Micra runaround worth just £1495, it turns out.

David Cameron was spotted doing the deal on the decade-old supermini at the Witney Used Car Centre in Minster Lovell in his Oxfordshire constituency. The car is claimed to be a 'cheap runaround' for his wife Samantha.

The Micra has a reputation as a simple, reliable car - and has the advantage of being built in Sunderland. Naturally, the third-generation, K12 Micra was painted in the range's original launch colour, a light pastel blue metallic. Beats Labour red around Tory shires...

'I thought it was a wind-up' - salesman

The owner of the used-car forecourt told the BBC how he thought the call from the prime minister's office was a wind-up at first. 

Iain Harris, 44, said: 'I thought it was one of my mates having a wind-up and I was going to be sat here for half an hour on my own doing nothing - especially when he said it was for a Nissan Micra.

'It was a bit surreal, but likewise he was just a normal chap buying a car for his wife, a normal conversation, normal sort of deal and that was it.'

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The K12 era Nissan Micra in light blue, its launch colour

By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet