Ecurie Ecosse LM69: stillborn racer redeemed

Published: 25 July 2019

► Retro-inspired project
► Modelled on the unused Jaguar XJ13

► 25 road-legal examples to be made

Ecurie Ecosse have announced the launch of the LM69, set to make its first appearance at Hampton Court Palace this September. The retro-inspired project is a homage to what might have been — modelled on the stunning yet unused Jaguar XJ13 prototype created in 1966, and designed with the tarmac of Le Mans in mind.

The original quad-cam, 5.0-litre V12 XJ13 was the first mid-engine car Jaguar designed, but due to an array of hurdles, never made it to the track. But now, 50 years later we are to be blessed with its rebirth. Ecurie Ecosse promise that the new design will remain ‘true in spirit and sympathetic to the style’ of the original, while incorporating re-designed bodywork, era-specific composite materials, experimental aerodynamics, wider wheels and tyres – and of course a new and improved take on the quad-cam V12. 

To capture the essence of the original era, Ecurie claim that the design team were briefed with a mission to strictly abide by the racing regulations of the time and not include technology available after 1969. 

Legendary two-time 50’s Le Mans winners Ecurie Ecosse found success in Jaguar D-Types in 1956 and again the following year, but suffered recurring technical issues 1958, and by the 60s their competitive era had all but ended. The LM69’s era-specific composition and elegant aesthetic tribute to the time are an attempt at redemption. 

But there’s good and bad news. FIA homologation requirements in 1969 required only 25 be produced, and that (quite possibly sadly) is the way it will be this time around too – in the interest of exclusivity. However, while Ecurie assure us that LM will be suitable for track use, it is also going to be road-legal — expect the ultimate sunny Sunday drive. 

The Ecurie Ecosse LM69 will be shown at the Hampton Court Palace International Concours of Elegance between the 6th and 8th of September this year.