Gran Turismo 7 confirmed for PS5

Published: 11 June 2020

► Gran Turismo 7 confirmed
► Brings back some classic features
► Could be a launch game 

Sony has finally revealed its new PlayStation 5 console, and it’s also teased a brand-new instalment of Gran Turismo. Called Gran Turismo 7, the new game features next-gen graphics and sound, but also brings back key features from the franchise – and things we really wanted to see from GT Sport. Also, Trial Mountain is back. Trial Mountain! 

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When’s it coming out?

The new PS5 – available with and without a disc drive – will be coming out at the end of the year, and Gran Turismo's inclusion in today’s presentation suggests it’ll be out at the same time. However, this is Polyphony Digital – so who really knows. 

Gran Turismo fans have always had to wait a while for the next GT game, with almost every title in the franchise missing at least one deadline. So, while we can hope for GT7 to be bundled with Sony’s new console, we’re keeping our fingers crossed. 

Does it look good?

Of course it does! But at this stage the law of diminishing returns is in full swing. The PS5 brings ray-tracing tech – one of the key features of next-gen machines – and it’s evident in the Gran Turismo 7 trailer shown today.

For those less interested in the tech, expect far more realistic lighting – have a look at the trailer to see what we mean. We’re also expecting 3D sound. Such is the technical ability of the PS5, it's best to watch the trailer on a 4k and HDR compatible screen – or you won't get the full effect.

Bringing back the classics

The trailer also revealed two new features that’ll appeal to long-time fans of the series.  First, a revamped Home screen shows a sprawling map with new dealerships, used cars and a tuning shop; exactly like older Gran Turismo titles. It’s something that’s missing from GT Sport and is still one of the most criticised aspects of the game.

Secondly, Trial Mountain and Daytona Speedway have also returned to the fold. Except they’re now rendered in 4k and Ultra HDR. 

The trailer also featured a nicely rendered Porsche 917k as well as the newly revealed Mazda RX-Vision GT3. 

And finally, how will it play? 

Well we haven’t played it yet, so can’t tell you. However, we know those using the new PS5 DualSense pad will benefit from a range of improved haptic and vibration features. That means there’ll be increased and more detailed feedback through the pad; Sony states you’ll be to feel the difference between kerbs, gravel and tarmac – or the feeling of braking traction. 

We expect Thrustmaster to release a new wheel to coincide with the launch also. 

We’ll update this article when we know more.

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast