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Hot Wheels Legends Tour UK 2023: meet the winning 1979 MG B-EAST

Published: 13 September 2023 Updated: 13 September 2023

1979 MG ‘B-EAST’ announced winner of Hot Wheels Legends Tour
► Using recycled parts engineer Michael Wallhead’s build won out of 274 entrant
► The B-EAST will head to the Hot Wheels Legends Tour Semi-Finals

The 1979 MGB GT nicknamed adequately as ‘B-EAST’ has been announced competition winner for the Hot Wheels Legends Tour UK 2023. The MG is now set to represent the UK on a global scale, competing for the chance to be recreated as a scale die-cast model.

Michael Wallhead’s MG ‘B-EAST’ is at first glance a classic British roadster, a car known for its iconic design and performance. However, Michael’s touch has transformed it into something that goes beyond the boundaries of tradition.

Plucked from over 270 entries, Michael’s magnificent mash-up of recycled parts is a sight to behold and is a unique blend of old and new.

MG Hot wheels 2

What’s so special about the MG B-EAST?

The B-EAST is a finely tuned symphony of parts from different cars. Look under the bonnet and you’re met with a meticulously tuned Jaguar AJV6 engine, offering a top speed of 148mph and 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds. To get this engine to work in the MGB Michael had to install a Range Rover prop shaft, Nissan Silvia brakes, and the rear axle from a Reliant Scimitar. 

All of this, accompanied by painted flowers on the rocker covers and plates, which Michael explains was made using second-hand lace curtains and temporary tattoo templates, makes for a one-of-a-kind build. 

The interior was completely refurbished, with a set of racing seats being taken apart with their frames exposed and trimmed in denim from recycled pairs of jeans. 

Michael explains, ‘For all my builds, I always look to find ways to reuse parts, everything has second or third life and I try not to throw things away that can be reused.’

Overall, the build has taken Michael eight years to create, and he has no plans of stopping soon, confessing that he doesn’t think it will ever actually be finished. 

What actually is the Hot Wheels Legends Tour?

The Hot Wheels Legends Tour is a global competition that unites car enthusiasts, giving them the ability to showcase their creative skill and compete for the chance to have their project car made in a 16:4 scale Hot Wheels model. 

After proving itself in the UK category, the B-EAST is set to head to the Hot Wheels Legends Tour Semi-Final in November with the chance to be brought to life as a Hot Wheels model. The MG B truly embodies the essence of Hot Wheels – taking the ordinary and creating something extraordinary. 

The MG B-EAST stands as a testament to the influence of imagination and the never-ending appeal of classic cars, and is a reminder that there will always be individuals like Michael that can push the boundaries of what is possible in the automotive sphere.