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Where to watch F1 in 2018: live stream the Japanese Grand Prix online

Published: 05 October 2018

►  Dates and times for 2018 Japanese Grand Prix
►  The best methods to stream online or watch on TV
►  From free streaming, to high-quality 4K content

We're into the last five races now, and that means a stop to Suzuka – one of the sport's fastest, most iconic tracks. While it's not a championship decider in 2018, with 125 points on the table, and Lewis Hamilton with a 50 lead on Sebastian Vettel, it may prove to be another important turning point in this year’s season. So, here’s how and where to watch it.


When is the Japanese Grand Prix this Sunday (Times in UK BST)

Yes, being in Japan you’ll have to get up early from this one, if you want to watch it live, anyway.

Saturday 6 October

Qualifying 7:00am

Sunday 7 October

Race 6:10am

How to stream the Japansese Grand Prix

Pay and watch you go with NowTV

If you only want to watch a few races this year, NowTV might still be the solution for you. Although it’s not great value in the long run, it’s perfect for catching all the flagship events, such as Monaco, or Spa and Abu Dhabi live. NowTV does a 24-hour pass that’ll let you watch just each race in full for £7.99, but if you’d prefer to catch all the qualifying and practice sessions too, a three-day pass will set you back £12.99. The only issue? It doesn't have the pinsharp 4K quality you’d get from full-fat Sky – it's only in 720p. 

If you want to watch the Japanese Grand Prix on your TV, you'll need NowTV box or compatible device, but the app is now available on most Smart TVs and game consoles too – so chances are you won’t have to buy a box to receive it. If you do, they aren’t that expensive, anyway. And if you want to stream the race on your phone, tablet or laptop, follow the links below. 

Get the full-fat 4K experience with Sky

Like last year, in the UK at least, Sky has the rights to broadcast every single practice session, qualifying session and race – live in the UK. It’s pretty comprehensive coverage if you can afford it, but to get Sky F1, you’ll need to subscribe to a basic package at least. The one you'll want though is the one with a Sky Q 2TB box. For a hefty £40 a month over an 18-month contract, you get Sky's Entertainment pack along with the Sky Sports Complete pack.

Throw in an installation fee of £199, and you're looking at a total cost of just over £900 to see Vettel and Hamilton battle it out – plus the ability to watch lots of other channels, of course. However, if you're after F1 in Ultra HD, immersive VR experiences and every single session live – you're going to have to pay for lots of other stuff, too. 

It’s the easiest way to watch F1 this year, and the only way to watch it in 4K – but you certainly need to love F1 to splash this amount of cash, You'll also want a compatible 4K TV to get the most out of it. 

If you're not near your TV or Sky box, the SkyGo app means you can watch on a tablet or smartphone too – and it's also possible to stream online by going directly to the website. 

Watch it for later, but for free on Channel 4

Sky may have snapped up the rights to every single race this year, but Channel 4 is showing selected races and highlights this year. That means you can catch the best bits of qualifying at 10:30 on Saturday,  and the race at 12:30 on Sunday afternoon, on Channel 4 or in HD at Channel 4 HD on your TV. Just like Sky and NowTV, Channel 4 has an app for Android and iOS called All 4, and also lets you stream via a browser – so you can watch the race from anywhere. You can catch the highlights of the Italian GP later, on Sunday. 

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast