Lego Ferrari F40 announced: iconic 1987 supercar’s blockbuster toy

Published: 29 June 2015

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Is this summer 2015's blockbuster toy? Lego has announced a detailed replica of the legendary Ferrari F40 supercar - and from this distance it is practically perfect in every way. 

We’ve seen some other Lego car replicas recently as part of the Speed Champions series that have required a little bit of imagination to smooth the edges. But by upping the scale a smidge, designer Michael Psiaki (yep, Lego is name-checking its designers now, just like a real car company) has captured the F40’s distinctive form quite beautifully.

What’s so special about the Lego F40?

The detail in this thing is just fantastic. Both front and rear clamshells open in the same manner as the original – making these strong enough while still looking good is the area of the model Psiaki describes as the most challenging – as do the doors. The headlights pop up, and there’s even a can of tyre gunk in the area of the engine compartment that looks like it should accommodate a spare wheel but isn’t actually large enough – neither in real life nor in Lego.

And better still, if you sense your Lego Ferrari F40 isn’t quite firing on all eight of its cylinders, you can pull the twin-turbo V8 out of the back and inspect it more closely. Bloody marvellous.

What are the Lego Ferrari F40’s vital statistics, when does it go on sale and how much does it cost?

The Lego Ferrari is 27cm long, 14cm wide and 8cm tall – versus 4.36m, 1.97m and 1.13m for the original. It’s constructed from 1158 pieces and aimed at builders 14 years old and above (we’re clinging on to the ‘above’ like a lift raft here). Its Lego set number is 10428, and it’s part of the life-like Creator model line.

The Lego Ferrari F40 goes on general sale 1 August 2015, and in Europe will be price at €89.99. We’re awaiting confirmation of UK pricing, but expect to pay around about £70-£80. Which is a lot of cash for a ‘kids’ toy, but considerably more affordable than the real thing.

Clamshells front and rear lift to reveal Ferrari F40's plastic innards

By CJ Hubbard

Former CAR magazine associate editor, road tester, organiser, extremely variable average wheel count