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Technic-al masterpiece: 3893-piece Lego McLaren P1 unveiled

Published: 10 July 2024 Updated: 10 July 2024

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► The latest in the Lego Technic Ultimate Car Concept Series
► Pre-order the P1 for £389.99
► Seven-speed gearbox, adjustable wing, dihedral doors, and they all work

Surely the last candidate to be immortalised in the usually blocky world of Lego, the distinctly non-square McLaren P1 is the latest model in the flagship Lego Technic Ultimate Car Concept Series.

Despite the obvious limitations that come with Lego, the P1 looks fairly authentic, with working dihedral doors and an adjustable rear wing.

The Lego Technic series has always focused on more advanced builds, swapping bricks for rods and pistons for a more involved build. It won’t surprise you to learn that underneath the bodywork, the model features a fully modelled (and moving) V8 piston engine, seven-speed gearbox and suspension.

The kit contains a whopping 3893 pieces, creating a hefty 1:8 scale model when assembled. The £389.99 price tag may be a bit eye-watering, but when the real examples are fetching north of a million, it’s probably the easiest ticket to McLaren P1 ownership.

The Lego Technic McLaren P1 will be available to purchase from August 1st, and you can pre-order it right now using the link below.

RRP £389.99 | VIEW OFFER

The Lego McLaren P1 features dihedral doors

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By Ryan Gilmore

Deputy commercial content editor looking after product testing for CAR and Parkers, veteran car detailer and double bucket enthusiast