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When the worlds of Merc and Moncler collide: the G-wagen in a puffer

Published: 21 February 2023 Updated: 21 February 2023

► A Mercedes G-wagen in a Moncler puffer
► Yes, really… new fashion collab for 2023
► Shown at London Fashion Week

You know those designer dogs you sometimes spot in the swankier parts of Chelsea, wearing a ridiculous designer coat? Well, Mercedes-Benz has gone and done the same for its own Bernese Mountain Dog of a car, the venerable, go-anywhere G-wagen.

Dubbed Project Mondo G, the result is a Moncler-designed puffer jacket designed to fit the G-Class off-roader and this madcap collaboration was unveiled at the barmier fringes of 2023’s London Fashion Week. 

There’s clearly no production intent here: last time we checked, there was no demand for a puffed-up 3.4-metre wide, 2.5-tonne G that brought even more attention onto itself. But it’s a fascinating insight into how Daimler strives for creative partnerships with other upmarket brands as it seeks approval from the fashionista.

The G-wagen wrapped up in a shiny, bubbly Moncler jacket

And if you’re tearing your hair out at the sheer craziness of it all, watch out: we hear there’ll be plenty more collabs like this in the months and years ahead.

When car makers build things that aren’t cars

Project Mondo G: a Mercedes-Benz-Moncler mash-up

The wrapped-up G was shown wearing the giant Moncler puffer at the clothing brand’s The Art of Genius show at London Olympia. It’s part of London Fashion Week and was attended by the likes of Alicia Keys, Pharrell Williams and Salehe Bembury (which might explain why Merc was keen to be involved).

Original design sketches

Designers involved talk of the juxtaposition of ‘the angular design of the G-Class and the soft, flowing lines of the quilted textile’ and the enormous supersized zip – a kind of industrial latch that riffs on the G’s tough-nut utility. Or something. 

‘We are very excited about collaborating with Moncler to create another “X-factor brand moment”,’ said sales and marketing board member Britta Seeger. ‘At Mercedes-Benz, we are committed to engage in culture and society. Our co-creation with Moncler offers an unexpected experience of both brands.’

Hmm. Still not sure we’re any the wiser…

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