Neon racer! Stunning one-off Lamborghini Revuelto revealed at Art Basel Miami Beach 2023

Published: 07 December 2023 Updated: 07 December 2023

► Lamborghini Revuelto gets a serious makeover
► Revealed in Miami
► Paint job took 435 hours to do

You’re looking at the ‘Opera Unica,’ a stunning one-off version of Lamborghini’s already eye-catching Revuelto hypercar. Revealed at Art Basel Miami Beach 2023, it’s the joint vision of the brand’s Centro Stile design house and its ultra-exclusive Ad Personam personalisation program. The project was commissioned by Sant’Agata’s North American dealers to celebrate 60 years of the brand. 

Opera Unica - side

‘It’s quite fitting that we bring this Revuelto “Opera Unica” to the U.S. and present it during Art Basel Miami Beach,’ said CEO Stephan Winkelmann. ‘The iconic V12 plays an integral part in Lamborghini’s history and with this “Opera Unica” we have truly explored the possibilities of our Ad Personam personalization, thus creating an automotive masterpiece.’

What’s different? 

Opera Unica - gradient detail

Although technically identical to the standard 1001bhp car, the Opera Unica benefits from one of the best paintjobs seen this side of West Coast Customs. Starting from a purple Violo Pasifae and moving to a black Nero Helene, it makes the entire car look like as if it’s driven through a supernova. The base of the paintjob consists of the gradient mentioned above, but each edge and line of the car features striking neon trails. 

Opera Unica - neon trails

Lamborghini says the process took 76 hours to develop alone, and a further 435 hours to execute.

What about inside?

Opera Unica - interior

The interior hasn’t escaped, either. Featuring two-tone leather and numerous 60th anniversary logos it’s colour-matched to the exterior, and took a further 220 hours to complete. The level of detail is impressive; each splash of colour on the exterior is totally unique, and even the start/stop switch inside the car features the same neon theme as the exterior.

Opera Unica - top rear

‘We wanted to create something purely artistic using brushes and a combination of colours, as if the Revuelto was a canvas. That is what fuelled our inspiration for this special livery,’ said Mitja Borkert, Design Director. ‘With the dynamic hand-painted exterior we really emphasize the aerodynamics and speed of the car.’

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's Digital Editor, F1 and sim-racing enthusiast. Partial to clever tech and sports bikes