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Video: watch the new BMW 5-series duke it out with a helicopter

Published: 24 October 2016

► New short action films from BMW
► Follows on from The Hire series
► Starring Clive Owen – and BMWs…

Back in 2001, BMW produced several short action-packed films for a promotional series dubbed The Hire. Each, starring Clive Owen as an ever-scrupulous wheelman, told its own action-packed story – and, predictably, a BMW would feature prominently in each one.

A selection of highly regarded directors, including Guy Ritchie and Tony Scott, was behind each episode – and the actor line-up included the likes of Gary Oldman, James Brown and Madonna. Each episode was offered online, and the series was even available on DVD.

Thanks to the films’ dramatic chases, BMW’s take on branded content proved an immense hit. Now, to coincide with the reveal of the new 5-series, the films are back. The latest episode, above, is called The Escape – and, unsurprisingly, it features the new seventh-generation G30 5-series saloon.

Haven’t seen any of the original series? Click here to see the episodes on YouTube.

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