CAR drives new Ferrari FF – and crashes on video!

Published: 25 March 2011

CAR drove the new Ferrari FF this week - but there was a small commotion behind the scenes when we accidentally drove it into a kerb, stoving in both alloys on one side of the car. An expensive business on a Ferrari.

Check out our video above of the moment when road tester Jethro Bovingdon smacked the new £230,000 FF into a kerb on a right-hand corner during the media launch in Italy.

'There was no kerb to begin with, and then one suddenly appeared halfway round this tight corner,' admits Jethro sheepishly. We'll have a full video review of the new 2011 Ferrari FF next week. Stay tuned!

>> UPDATED! We've just managed to squeeze one photo out of a rightly reluctant Jethro. You can see the resultant damaged below...