Best GT Sport livery: our favourite liveries this month

Published: 08 October 2018

► The best liveries we've come across
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One of my favourite things about GT Sport isn’t the 4K, HDR graphics, nor the the improved handling; it’s the sheer amount of customisation the game now offers. But unlike previous games, you’re no longer able to take your car to the tuning shop – instead, I’m talking about custom liveries.

Simply put, GT Sport has quickly grown a dedicated community of livery makers, and they’ve produced some seriously authentic, detailed remakes of motorsport's most iconic liveries – and some eye-catching niche ones, too.

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GT Sport allows anyone to make their own liveries – and even scan in their own pictures via a decal uploader – but it’s still a massive time-sink, and particularly tricky with a control pad. However, GT Sport also lets you ‘borrow’ liveries made by more skilled, patient players, and it adds an extra layer of depth and community to the game.

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So, want to race around in your favourite M3 livery, or Jann Mardenborough it-up in his classic blue Calsonic colours? I’ve put together some of mine and the office’s favourite liveries in the page below. To grab them, simply follow the link to the livery, and once you’re signed into your GT Sport account, you’ll be able to add it to your collection. Enjoy and check back for more updates!

The best GT Sport liveries

This livery is an extremely accurate representation of the 2018 Le Mans-winner, and pretty much does what it says on the tin. Get it here

Honda's NSX Concept has to be the best-looking GR.2 or Super GT car in the game, and thanks to its mid-engined layout, it's one of the sweetest handling, too. This purple-based livery makes the car look a little different to what you'd find in this year's Super GT championship, but adds a nice twist over the standard look. Get it here

The pastel-pink Italiya livery will be recognisable to those who watched Group C and Le Mans racing from the late 80s and early 90s. It's an incredibly retro colour scheme, and when combined with the Nissan, it conjures up a golden era of racing. Relive a time when Le Mans challengers were barely controllable machines, designed not with efficiency or fuel-saving hybrid tech in mind – just the need to go as fast as possible. Get it here

Team Manthey N24 (911 RSR)

Conquer the Nurburgring in the colours of the car that actually did it for real at this year's N24. Yes, we're aware that it was the #912 car that actually won after the #911's bad luck – but I'd still want the latter's number on the car. Get it here

Calsonic Super GT

Jann Mardenborough is one of the first people ever to progress through Nissan and Gran Turismo's GT Academy programme, and he's currently mounting a strong challenge in the Super GT championship. He's pretty much living the dream, and by using his Calsonic livery, you can sort of join in, too. What's more, the Calsonic livery harks back to one of the most iconic Skyline liveries in the GT Sport franchise. Get the livery here

BMW 2010 24h Le Mans Art version

One of the best-looking BMW art cars ever made, and now painstakingly reproduced by a gifted member of the GT Sport community. Get it here

MP4/4 A.Senna 1988

It might not be a totally accurate version of the classic McLaren, but the livery and rough shape of it makes it close enough. Get this livery on, select Brands Hatch or Suzuku, and there's your fix of F1 nostalgia. Get it here

M3 E30 DTM 

Old touring cars are arguably the coolest type of vintage car, and the E30 is still a design classic. Combine the two with those classic M-Sport colours, and you get this. Download it here

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast