Video of CAR's drive to Chernobyl in a Land Rover Discovery

Published: 13 April 2012

Ben Barry recently drove to the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in a Land Rover Discovery. While the company's busy driving from its UK headquarters to Beijing to celebrate the millionth Disco built, CAR managed to snaffle a 4x4 to drive across the Ukraine.

Watch Ben Barry's video diary in our player above as he drives into the perimeter of the doomed Chernobyl reactor. You need special dispensation to drive anywhere within the 30km exclusion zone and Ben's Discovery is subject to geiger counter checks as he passes through the scene of 1986's disaster when Reactor 4 went into meltdown.

It's all part of a nine-page feature in the new May 2012 issue of CAR Magazine out on 18 April. Don't miss Ben's chilling drive story as he visits Pripyat, the ghost town which lies pretty much untouched since the 26 April 1986, and see how the Land Rover Discovery fares in our latest adventure.