MoonSwatch: meet Swatch's take on the Omega Speedmaster

Published: 24 March 2022

► MoonSwatch is an Omega Swatch production
► In stores March 26
► Will cost just £207

Omega has teamed up with Swatch to deliver an all-new take on the classic Speedmaster. Called the MoonSwatch, it’s an entirely different take on the Speedmaster formula, and brings in some classic looks with new materials – and a significantly lower price point. 

Another Speedmaster?

The Omega Speedmaster is already available in several different iterations – all of which pick and choose different features of Speedmasters throughout the years – as well as adding their own. In constrast, the MoonSwatch breaks entirely new ground, but does so with a nod to the original watch.

Available in a range of 11 colour schemes, each designed to convey a different a different planet in the solar system, the MoonSwatch is far more vibrant than the standard ‘Speedy’ – but loosely follows the same design. 

Take a quick look at the new collaboration, and you’ll see the same chronograph dials, albeit spaced in a slightly different way to the original. As you’d expect the branding on the face is different too, and also features both the Swatch and Omega logos.

But at 42mm by 13mm, it takes the same form as the Speedmaster, and features the same Super LumiNova luminescent dials.

Another change comes in the materials used; the MoonSwatch will use Swatch’s own BioCeramic material which is 2/3s ceramic and 1/3 bio-derived plastics. It’s also an automatic quartz watch, so it won’t need to be wound like a most Speedmasters. 

Is this a good idea?

The reaction to the new MoonSwatch has been huge but mixed. Although an entirely new watch, the MoonSwatch does just enough to affect the perception of the standard Speedmaster. To some, it can be see as eroding the prestive of the standard watch; after all, it looks pretty similar on first glance. To others, including some Speedmaster owners – it’s being viewed as a fun daily, and a way to get more people in the Omega family. In the bike world, consider the Yamaha R125 and the R7; both play on the styling of the flagship R1, but both encourage owners to upgrade to the 1000cc bike later on. 

Each MoonSwatch will cost £207 and demand means there’s going to be limit of two per customer. 

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's Digital Editor, F1 and sim-racing enthusiast. Partial to clever tech and sports bikes.