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RM UP-01: Ferrari and Richard Mille make the world’s thinnest mechanical watch

Published: 08 July 2022 Updated: 08 July 2022

 Ferrari and Richard Mille team up
 Costs $1.9 million
 150 made

Ferrari has teamed up with its partner Richard Mille to make an all-new timepiece and the result is this; the RM UP-01. Measuring just 1.75mm in thickness, it’s the thinnest mechanical watch ever made, and will cost $1.888 million. Just 150 examples will be created.

‘The RM UP-01 Ferrari is an allusive piece to Ferrari’s values, developing sporting mechanisms that are as elegant as they are immediately recognizable,’ said Richard Mille. ‘Their models make no concessions and frequently contradict current trends to create new aesthetical codes. The RM UP-01 Ferrari bears witness to this partnership of the best know-how these two iconic brands have to offer in the combination of their ideas, understanding, respective developments and shared values.’


The development process for the RM UP-01 took 6000 hours in total, and as you’d expect, it uses a cocktail of high-end materials to achieve its ridiculous sizing. The baseplate of the RM UP-01 and the bridge are made of high-end, grade 5 titanium – that also includes 4% vanadium. The balance wheel for the RM UP-01 is also titanium. 

It’s not just the watch that’s record-breaking though; the movement inside is also the thinnest movement ever made at just 1.18mms in thickness. It weighs just 2.82g.

The result is a watch with a power reserve of 45 hours, 10 metres of water resistance and the capacity withstand up to 5000Gs – even if its wearer won’t.  

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's Digital Editor, F1 and sim-racing enthusiast. Partial to clever tech and sports bikes