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The Honda Jazz is the smallest Honda on sale – but still fizzes with clever engineering. The trademark pop-up rear seats remain, swinging up to free space for luggage or mountain bikes in the rear footwells. For more information on the Jazz, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test
This is a perennial sensible small-car buyer, if a little blue-rinse for some But we can understand the Jazz's popularity with private buyers and older folk alike. It's beautifully engineered, with plentiful clever touches. That rear bench is a case in point; pioneered here, it's now seen on the Civic and elsewhere across the Honda range. The Jazz will win precisely no awards for driving thrills - look to the Ford Fiesta or elsewhere if that's your thing - but for depth of engineering, quality and sheer unburstable reliability, it's a winner. Just watch out for the auto 'box which some persist with ordering. You can even order the IMA hybrid, which seems like overkill to us but certainly offers some pretty cheap running costs.

The one we'd buy
1.2 i-VTEC

The one we'd avoid like the plague
IMA hybrid seems overkill in a supermini

Rivals to consider
Nissan Note, Skoda Fabia, Toyota Yaris

So spacious, practical, very comfortable, easy to drive

Honda still hasn't nailed the interior plastics quality; a little dull


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