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This is the stuff of exotic supercars’ nightmares: 911 Turbo pace for Carrera money. Each model year sees Nissan’s tech-packed supercoupe given incremental updates to make it faster and more agile still. For more information on the GT-R, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test
The Nissan GT-R is one of those cars that apparently defies physics. A car this big and heavy should not be capable of going so quickly, not only in a straight line but into, through and out of corners too. Power, and lots of it, comes from a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 and with all-four wheels pawing at the tarmac the latest versions reach 62mph from rest in less than three seconds. Unlike its reputation suggests, it feels nothing like a Playstation to drive, even if its interior is more plasticky than one.

The one we’d buy
The latest model year 

The one we’d avoid like the plague
The Nordschleife-conquering Nismo version is incredible on the track but can be hard work on the road

Rivals to consider
BMW M6, McLaren 12C, Porsche 911 Turbo S 

Goes like a train


Weighs about as much as one

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