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Nissan Juke information: everything you need to know if you own it, are thinking of buying one or just want to find out more about the standout-styled mini-crossover. Click on the links below for all of CAR magazine’s news, reviews, videos, scoops and spy photos of the Juke car range. We list the top five stories for each model – and where appropriate you can click on ‘More’ to browse even more of our archive.

Who’d have thought the Juke would become such a sales smash hit? The bizarre supermini/4x4/manga cartoon character exterior has helped the Juke climb towards the pointy end of the UK sales charts and it’s still riding high. Choose from petrol and diesel engines, with four-wheel drive an option on top petrol versions. For more information on the Nissan Juke, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test
As CAR’s GBU guide puts it, the Juke looks like a Suzuki Swift that’s gone 10 rounds with David Haye. But the unconventional styling’s found plenty of fans, and the fortuitous timing of the launch with the compact crossover boom has seen swarms of Jukes flying from the showrooms and other manufacturers hurriedly developing competitors. It’s not bad to drive, firm ride apart, and that high roof makes it easy to get in and out. Ironically, considering the Juke’s purported target market of young go-getters, that makes it a popular choice among older buyers. A light update for 2014 saw the styling sensibly left alone but the boot floor moved, boosting luggage space from titchy to moderate. 

The one we’d buy
1.5 dCi

The one we’d avoid like the plague
The 4wd model is CVT-only 

Rivals to consider
Kia Soul, Peugeot 2008, Renault Captur, Skoda Yeti

Fun styling, decent enough to drive

Rowdy engines, cheap-feeling cabin, perhaps its time as a fashionable accessory is coming to an end

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