Aston Martin Rapide facelift (2012) new spy photos

Published: 29 October 2012

Aston Martin is readying a mid-life refresh for its Rapide sports limo – and these new spy photos reveal the 2013 Rapide is in line for a dollop of One-77 DNA.

The lower front bumper looks similar to the new DB9’s spoiler while the once-slim two-piece grille has grown, creating a gaping single opening akin to the £1.7 million One-77 supercar’s.

Aston is really pushing the One-77 influences!

Indeed. The One-77 has already influenced the Vanquish and now the Rapide is next in line for the latest family redesign.

These spy shots capture a mostly undisguised Rapide on test in the UK; the front grille isn’t quite production ready and we understand the horizontal bar either side of the number plate will change before sales commence.

The super-size grille the most obvious change on the new 2013 Rapide and the design of alloy wheel looks new, but otherwise the Rapide four-door silhouette is remarkably untouched. Then again, the Rapide is one of the most elegant four-door limos on sale, so if it ain’t broke…

Anything else new on the Aston Martin Rapide?

Reports suggest that power will get a bump in the facelifted car to keep up with the rest of Gaydon’s updated range. Recently, the Vanquish usurped the DBS with a 55bhp gain, and the new DB9 is up to 510bhp from 470bhp.

The current Rapide boasts 470bhp from its 5.9-litre V12. Aston could choose to simply upgrade the car with the DB9’s revised engine, or leave the 470bhp version ‘as is’ and introduce a ‘Rapide S’ with over 500bhp.

A 510bhp Rapide would sit on a more level playing field with the heavier 542bhp Porsche Panamera Turbo S, though the Aston will remain considerably more expensive than the £123k Porsche.

By Ollie Kew

Former road tester and staff writer of this parish