Tried and tested: Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato prototype heads to the Nürburgring | CAR Magazine

Tried and tested: Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato prototype heads to the Nürburgring

Published: 25 August 2016

► Vanquish Zagato prototype spotted
► Same quad-exit exhaust and diffuser
► All 99 of limited-edition run already sold

Aston Martin’s intoxicating V12-engined Vanquish isn’t dead, yet. It’s been around since 2012, meaning its replacement is only a year or two away, but Aston’s not letting it go to the grave quietly.

This car was originally believed to be a high-performance ‘S’ variant, packing aerodynamic upgrades, a sports exhaust system and more power. However, our sources tell us that this car is actually a test mule of the recently revealed limited-edition Vanquish Zagato.

Only 99 will be made (the same applies for the drop-top Volante version), so it’s no surprise that Aston’s putting in the time and effort to make sure the car’s absolutely spot on. 

How powerful will it be?

The Vanquish Zagato, first revealed as a concept and then as a production model, packs an upgraded version of Aston’s 5.9-litre V12 – which thunders out 592bhp, up from the standard car’s 568bhp. Part of that power hike is likely down to that larger quad-exit exhaust system.

Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato prototype

So what about the next-gen Vanquish?

Aston’s Vanquish replacement, which is set to be based on the DB11 underpinnings and feature the reputedly all-new twin-turbo V12, is due in 2018.

The next-gen Vanquish, however, isn’t expected to retain the Vanquish name. It’s expected to be badged ‘DBS’, bringing it into line with Aston’s ‘DB’ naming strategy and providing a nod to models past.

Rumours also suggest that the new DBS may be a much more aggressive, focused sports car – with a mooted power output of over 700bhp. It’ll still be rear-wheel drive, though, so it should prove as visceral as you might hope. 

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