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BMW 2-series Convertible (2015) spied at the Nurburgring

Published: 21 August 2014 Updated: 26 January 2015

The new BMW 2-series Convertible has stepped out on test at the Nurburgring ahead of its planned debut at the Paris motor show 2014. And judging by CAR’s spy photos, the 2-series convertible is hammering at quite a pace. Just check out the compressed rear suspension as it corners at high speed on the Nordschleife.

The F22 2-series Convertible will replace the 1-series soft-top, and retains its fabric roof. No folding hard top shenanigans here.

Although BMW calls it a four-seater, the 2-series Convertible’s rear seats will almost certainly be suitable for kids more than grown-ups.

Details of the engine room in the BMW 2-series Cabriolet

Expect the engine range to mimic the motors in the latest 2-series Coupe range. The following four engines are bound for the UK market from launch:

BMW 220i Convertible 2.0-litre four-cylinder, 184bhp, 148g/km of CO2 (est)
BMW 228i Convertible 2.0-litre four-cylinder, 245bhp, 154g/km of CO2 (est)
BMW M235i Convertible 3.0-litre straight six, 326bhp, 189g/km of CO2 (est)
BMW 220d Convertible 2.0-litre four-cylinder TD, 184bhp, 125g/km of CO2 (est)

Diesels are by far the most popular car in the 2-series range and the 220d is expected to make up around a half of all sales in the UK.

The current 2-series range is something of an anomaly in the BMW small-car range. It is sticking with its predecessor’s rear-wheel drive architecture, rather than the new front-drive platform underpinning the 2-series Active Tourer.

This prototype scooped here marks something of the end of an era then; it will be the last small BMW with the trad rear-drive set-up so beloved of enthusiasts – even if Joe Bloggs knows no different.

When can I buy a BMW 2-series Convertible?

See the car for the first time in advance of the Paris motor show on 2 October; BMW says the new model is due in UK showrooms for the new registration plate in March 2015, priced from around £25,000.

By Tim Pollard

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