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BMW 3-series GT (2013) spied totally undisguised

Published: 03 December 2012 Updated: 26 January 2015

This is the next model to join the BMW 3-series line-up: the taller, roomier Gran Turismo variant.

Like its unloved 5GT stablemate, the 3-series Gran Turismo will be available in regular and M Sport trim, as seen in these undisguised spy shots.

Where does the 3-series GT slot into the BMW range?

The new 3-series model line is to get two wheelbase variants – and as you can tell from these spy shots of the bloated 3GT, it’ll get the longer platform. It’ll share the LWB set-up with the upcoming 4-series Gran Coupe, BMW’s smaller four-door ‘coupe’ that’ll fight the Mercedes CLA ‘mini-CLS’. 

Thanks to this longer wheelbase, BMW has been able to increase cabin space with a focus on better rear legroom, and improving boot capacity – exactly like on the 5-series Gran Turismo. The 3-series GT will shun the 5GT’s complex (and weighty) two-piece bootlid-cum-hatchback for a conventional one-piece tailgate, though it must be said the end result isn’t exactly sleek…

From 2013, BMW’s coupes will be differentiated with even numbers: the next 3-series coupe will become the 4-series, and so on. So the more practical 3-series hatchback will retain the Three moniker, leaving the sporting two-doors to take the Four badge.

Will the 3GT’s oily bits be regular 3-series?

Behind the recognisably F30 3-series face, the engine range will mirror the 5GT’s tactic of using the larger, higher-powered variants. That suggests the headline petrol model will be the 245bhp/258lb ft 325i, while the diesels will make up the bulk of European sales: expect the 320d (163bhp/280lb ft) and 330d (258bhp/413lb ft) powerplants.

Transmission-wise, all 5GTs are automatics, featuring BMW’s eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The smaller 3GT could replicate this auto-only approach, and feature all-wheel-drive xDrive versions too. However, it’s unlikely that all-paw 3GTs will make it to UK showrooms.

What sort of premium will a 3-series Gran Turismo command over a saloon?

Word is that a 3GT will cost around €4500 (£3700) more than a regular three-box Three when it arrives late next year. We’ll get our first official look at the car and its specs ahead of the 2013 Frankfurt motor show in September 2013.

By Ollie Kew

Former road tester and staff writer of this parish