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BMW X4 – BMW’s two-door crossover scooped

Published: 05 October 2011 Updated: 26 January 2015

BMW chief executive Norbert Reithofer told the writing community that a new X4 crossover has been given the go-ahead at the Frankfurt motor show.

BMW X4? So they’re plugging every last SUV gap in the range?

Yep. The new X4 is designed to plug the gap between X3 and X5. But contrary to common belief, the X4 will not be a four-door crossover like the proposed Audi Q6, Porsche Cajun and Mercedes MLC.

Instead, BMW is embarking on a new two-door body concept with a clever modular roof system, a rear bench that folds flat at the push of a button and striking greenhouse-to-body proportions, according to CAR’s soureces.

Our artist’s impressions show how the new BMW X4 could look at launch around 2014.

BMW’s 4×4 plan

Munich is fast becoming a true 4WD specialist. In addition to today’s X1, X3, X5 and X6, xDrive is a booming option for certain 3-, 5- and 7-series models, and BMW GB is evaluating whether to take four-wheel drive saloons and Tourings in light of recent harsh winters.

But the company plans even further four-wheel drive models as the market fragments even further, such as X4.

The new UKL1 architecture bound for the next Mini and small BMW families will facilitate front- or all-wheel drive, allowing for numerous smaller crossovers.

And BMW is committed to its full-size crossovers, too. Like Land Rover, BMW has sent the X5 and X6 behemoths on a diet and the next-generation – codenamed F15 (X5) and F16 (X6) – will weigh a chunky 150kg less than today.