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BMW X6 interior exclusively revealed (2009)

Published: 23 April 2007 Updated: 26 January 2015

BMW X6: the lowdown

We’ve long had our suspicions that the X6 was always going to be more coupe-oriented than kid-friendly, and these first photos inside BMW’s new crossover confirm that it won’t be positioned as a school-run favourite. There’s a pretty chronic lack of interior space in the back, judging by these shots. The sloping roofline indicates that style has been put firmly ahead of space, particularly in the rear of the car.

An SUV that isn’t for school runs? What is BMW getting at?

Based on the X5, the X6 has been dubbed a Sports Activity Coupe by BMW, which looks like being something a bit racier than your average kid-collector. It’s more of a crossover. Think SUV meets coupe and you’re about there. Our shot of the two rear seats in the X6 shows just how little headroom there is and combined with the absence of a centre jump seat, makes for a very unlikely SUV. The X6 is a forerunner to another crossover by BMW, the X4, which is based on (surprise, surprise) the X3. Due in 2010, the X4 is another more obvious SUV/coupe crossover as it resembles a jacked-up Z4. BMW clearly thinks that it has found a niche in the market.

When will the X6 roll into showrooms?

Sooner than you might think. Although BMW is doing its best to keep the styling of the X6 under wraps, it’s actually due to go on sale in spring next year. The similarities with the X5 will continue well into the options lists, as the X6 will share the X5’s chassis and engines, with the familiar straight-six and V8 powerplants. Keep the X6 in mind if you plan to have a very small family and around 40k in the bank this time next year.