New 2017 BMW M5 spotted: meet the new G30 hot-rod

Published: 29 July 2016

► Latest spy shots of next BMW M5
► It’s the go-faster Five for 2017
► Still rear-wheel drive, V8 power

The upcoming 2017 BMW M5 has been spotted out in the wild again, and our latest spy shots serve up the best look yet at the new Fast Five. Since we last snapped the M5 it’s shed even more camouflage, revealing its headlights and tail lights.

BMW’s next 5-series family, on which the new M5 will be based, will repeat the multi-material mix from the latest 7-series; the two are based on the latest Cluster Architecture (CLAR for short) platform, purportedly at least 100kg lighter than its predecessor. How so? Because there is carbonfibre sprinkled amidst its construction. Those learnings from Project i are coming good and slowly trickling across the range, as promised…

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What powers the new G30 BMW M5?

We hear it’ll stick with 4.4-litre V8 power. What you see in the M5 30 Jahre farewell edition will form the basis for the next-generation super-saloon, and that means a supercar-troubling 592bhp and 516lb ft of torque as a minimum. No wonder Munich is planning to offer xDrive four-wheel drive this time around. And check out the huge brake discs fitted to this disguised prototype, to wipe off all that speed.

BMW engineers are predicting great things from the handling department: dynamic anti-roll, anti-dive and anti-squat systems are under development and the CLAR hardware brings inherent benefits to the M5’s centre of gravity (lower) and weight distribution (more evenly 50:50).

The new acronym was chosen to stress the extra flexibility provided by fewer but more versatile submodules (clusters) which are more extensively adjustable in content, size and adaptability. CLAR also stands for a more advanced material mix which introduces some carbonfibre elements, additional high-strength steel sections, selected magnesium and titanium accents, and a broader variety of aluminium alloys. 

BMW M5 spy shots

In addition to air breathers, air curtains and downforce-enhancing front and rear air blades managing the airflow more intelligently over and around the new 2017 M5, insiders are predicting an active aero kit which would be standard on this range-topper.

M5: other body styles

It’s unclear at this stage whether the M5 package could be launched in different bodystyles. The 5-series Touring is due to follow the saloon in 2017 and our sources confirm the Gran Turismo will be repeated, too, despite sluggish sales in some territories. BMW has dabbled in M5 wagons before and we wouldn’t be at all surprised if it did so again with the G30 edition.

And don’t forget, where the 5-series leads, the 6-series follows. Expect a similarly powered M6 to follow in 2017/18.

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BMW M5 spy shots

By Georg Kacher

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