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New seven-seat Citroen C3 Aircross confirmed for 2024 launch

Published: 18 October 2023 Updated: 18 October 2023

► New C3 Aircross confirmed for 2024
► Citroen says it’ll be a seven-seater
► Naturally based on new-generation e-C3

Citroen has confirmed its new-generation C3 Aircross is coming, which will be revealed in the first few months of 2024. The brand teased its arrival at the launch of the new e-C3 hatchback and, naturally, the two will share a lot of similar DNA.

‘The e-C3 is the beginning of the renewal of the Citroen range that will be followed by a B-SUV,’ brand CEO Thierry Koskas announced as the new Aircross was teased.

The biggest news is that, since the new-generation C3 has morphed into more of a crossover-ish shape, its new Aircross companion has also grown into becoming a seven-seater. That would mean the new C3 Aircross will become one of the smallest seven-seat cars on sale, setting its crosshairs on the seven-seat version of the Dacia Jogger.

The Aircross’ new role within the range ensures there’s no cannibalisation, either; ‘there’s no way to have, in one line-up, two cars competing against each other,’ according to Citroen head of product, Laurence Hansen.

Given the new e-C3’s ‘Smart Car’ platform has been described as ‘EV native’ by executives within Citroen, it also means that the new Aircross will arrive with a battery-electric version. CAR understands there’s some flex in the scalability of the platform, which not only would accommodate the third row but could imply a slightly larger battery cell under the car’s body – but this is unconfirmed.

As well as the official teaser video, Citroen’s new Aircross model has already been spotted in the wild under heavy camouflage. To accommodate the new third row, the new Aircross features a much boxier rear end, as well what looks to be an even taller ride height over the e-C3.

Citroen says its new C3 Aircross will be officially revealed in the first few months of 2024.

By Jake Groves

CAR's deputy news editor, gamer, serial Lego-ist, lover of hot hatches