Ferrari F250: next Ferrari hypercar spied winging it

Published: 02 June 2023

► New Ferrari F250 hypercar
► First spy photos of next LaFerrari 
► Electrified powertrain

The highly anticipated Ferrari F250 hypercar has been spotted out and about testing near Maranello. Although heavily disguised, the camo is gradually revealing more of the LaFerrari successor’s bodywork and details. 

This is a test hack redolent of a closed-cockpit prototype race that’s escaped from the Le Mans pitlane, but it’s some way off the finished product, according to insiders. We wouldn’t pay too much attention to the styling that’s visible in our spyshots. Note how the doors cut into the roofline, allowing for easier access and lending the F250 something of a race car aesthetic.

Ferrari has already confirmed a new ‘supercar’ at its latest Capital Markets Day – to launch by 2026 and ‘be limited to far less than 5% of total volumes.’ 

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Extra wing with that?

The Ferrari hypercar prototype wears a huge aerodynamic package, designed to squash the supercar into the tarmac at all road speeds. The rear wing is particularly aggressive, but the bodywork is peppered with cooling ducts and hidden aero trickery to help it cleave the air efficiently. 

Ferrari F250 front three quarters

The rumour mill suggests the Ferrari F250 will be a limited-series production car, with around 600 examples to be made. A further 200 Aperta or Spider variants are likely and there may yet be a few dozen XX track-only cars to boot. 

Sadly, such is the way with limited series Ferraris, that most will already have been accounted for – despite a lofty price tag expected to push the £2 million barrier. Nice business if you can get it, Ferrari…

Ferrari F250 engine, specs

It’s too early to pin down the exact mechanical package of the Ferrari F250 hypercar; we are fully expecting this to be a hybrid vehicle, most likely deploying a downsized V6 mated to an electric motor – rather than a V8 or V12 set-up. Expect all the petrol-electric know-how to be focused on performance, rather than low CO2 or fuel economy, however.

Extreme lightweight technology will feature, with extensive use of the leanest materials seen this side of an F1 car. 

Maranello is aware of the interest surrounding the F250 project. ‘The highly awaited new supercar will be launched within the plan period [2022-2026],’ it told investors.

Expect to see the new Ferrari hypercar in autumn 2024. 

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words